September 2016

5 easy Ayurvedic tips for fall

Yoga Lifestyle by Breathe Repeat

Ayurveda, yoga’s sister science, can seem complicated and mystical, even to diehard yogis who get on the mat everyday. But Ayurveda doesn’t have to be a complicated health plan. There are many ways to incorporate Ayurveda principles and rituals into your daily life for better health. Here are five easy ways to do so this fall from Ali Cramer for Breathe Repeat. 

Oil Pulling: The Ayurvedic secret to a brighter smile and easy detoxification

Yoga Lifestyle by Liz Eustace

Oil pulling is an Ayurvedic technique that is believed to help whiten teeth, improve gum health and remove toxins from the mouth. Oil pulling is a very simple technique that you can easily add to your morning routine and the only ingredient you need is probably already in your pantry: coconut oil. 

How to meditate: a quick start guide to meditation

Yoga Lifestyle by Liz Eustace

Learn how to meditate: