March 2016

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By: April Martucci - The Buddhist Practice of Recognize, Refrain, Relax, Resolve: Change your habits, create peace in your life.

Pigeon Pose: Why we love it and how to do it

Yoga Lifestyle by Liz Eustace

Is Pigeon pose a posture you dread? While it may never become your favorite yoga poses, follow these tips below to help you safely get into pigeon pose.

Start with Supine Pigeon

If Pigeon feels unbearable for you (which is common if your hips are super tight), don't be embarrassed to take a supine variation lying on your back. This is a better way to open your hips rather to take half pigeon incorrectly. 

Healthy St. Patrick's Day Green Smoothie

General by Liz Eustace

Ditch the sugary shamrock shake and make your own St. Patrick's Day green smoothie with clover sprouts. This smoothie is light enough to enjoy before yoga class but tasty enough to still feel like you're celebrating. 

While they may not look as festive as shamrocks, clover sprouts are rich in protein, fiber, and Vitamins A, B, C, and K. You may not be used to putting them in your green smoothies, but with the sweet flavor of the fruit in this recipe, you'll hardly taste the sprouts. 


5 facts about hormonal health

General by Liz Eustace

Think hormone health is something only teens going through puberty or women going through menopause need to worry about? Think again. Dr. Tracy Thomas breaks down hormone health basics for us below.

If you're like me, you've built yoga into your life to take care of yourself.

But something may be stopping you from experiencing the full benefits that yoga has to offer.

Your hormonal health.

Goal setting tips for yogis

Yoga Lifestyle by Liz Eustace

On Monday, I love sharing something that might motivate you. This week, I turn to goal coach Jacki Carr to guide us through how using the practice of yoga and the power of goal setting can bring transformative change to your life. Follow Jacki's five tips for a yogi to 'rock' goal setting and get inspired to create your most beautiful life.

Breathe. Flow. Goals.

Core yoga: 5 yoga poses to strengthen your core

General by Jessica Bellofatto

Yoga teacher Jessica Bellofatto shares five yoga poses that will help build core strength.

Yoga for lower back pain: 4 poses for pain relief

General by Liz Eustace

Whether you've suffered from back pain for years or are trying to strengthen your back to prevent pain from inflicting your daily routine, these four yoga poses for back pain relief will help keep your back healthy and strong. 

This yoga for back pain sequence is for the occasional back pain sufferer and is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any diseases or symptoms. If you experience constant back pain, please consult a medical professional. 

4 yoga poses for back pain relief: 

3 yoga moves after a long workday

General by Liz Eustace

Newsweek magazine reports that 'sedentary behavior may shrink the brain and accelerate cognitive decline' and suggests that regular exercise can slow the process of age-related brian atrophy. Not great!  So get up and move people - it's good for your brain. 

Angela Lindvall teacher yoga at Madison Square Gardens

General by Liz Eustace

According to Page Six / NYPost, "former Victoria’s Secret model-turned-hot-yogi #Angela Lindvall will lead the first-ever yoga session on Madison Square Garden’s court Monday". 

Other beautiful people in the crowd will include model Heide Lindgren, former “Real Housewife” Kelly Bensimon and “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills” star Morgan Stewart. The giant yoga gathering is part of an MSG wellness and charity event called Impact Garden. We’d suggest that the hapless Knicks attend, too, to get in a positive frame of mind.

Adam Levine does yoga to stay fit and calm

What’s Hot by Liz Eustace

Just one of the many celebrities that loves yoga, Adam Levine talks about the practice and how it has changed his life in his interview with Men’s Health magazine.  Adam says that with his crazy schedule—being a judge on "The Voice", acting and touring with Maroon 5—yoga keeps him balanced. Adam’s yoga teacher of five years, Chad Dennis, said that when the singer first started practicing, he was all about doing the hardest version of postures, whether he was ready or not, but says that now Adam is more patient and understands that it’s a process, not a means to the end.

5 indulgent vegan recipes

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Vegan recipes: HAPPY MARCH