February 2016

3 healthy #Oscar2016 Party Recipes

Recipes by Liz Eustace

#Oscar2016 - check out these easy vegan recipe ideas for #Oscar night, a healthy way to eat as you watch the best movies and film performances of the year fight it out:

One from #Sting’s chef, Joe Sponzo and all are easy and delicious:


Why you should never skip savasana

General by Liz Eustace

Never skip savasana!

You've almost come to the end of a wildly challenging 60-minute yoga class. You're on your back in supine twist, ready to let go. The music softens, the lights dim, and your teacher's voice lowers. Then suddenly... the woman next to you rises and rolls up her mat. What is she rushing off to? How could she possibly miss out on delicious savasana? 

Toronto best fitness classes?

General by Liz Eustace

We're starting to cover our first Canadian city, Toronto - the T.Dot, the '6', Rob Ford's Zen Den – whatever you call it, we’re here.  Toronto is Canada's largest city and certainly well positioned to become the leader in the country’s health and fitness trends. 

With the arrival of the Yorkville Equinox, one wonders how it will change the health and fitness landscape of the Toronto. What will happen to the Good Life club, Totem, Downward Dog and other Toronto fitness mainstays?

Yoga for sexual health: bridge pose

General by Liz Eustace

You do it quite often in yoga class, but did you know bridge pose is great for your sex life, too? Good Clean Love founder Wendy Strgar and yoga teacher Kaitlyn Young are back with the third video in the Yoga for Sexual Health video series and breaking down bridge pose.

“This is a really basic and critical exercise that’s going to make it so much more pleasurable for you to make love with someone,” says Wendy.

Chakras and Essential Oils: Balancing the Root Chakra

General by Charlynn Avery

Aura Cacia aromatherapist Charlynn Avery shares essential oils that help balance the root chakra.

3 things I've learned from yoga teacher training

Teacher Training by Liz Eustace

yoga blogger Blair Atkins recently completed her first yoga teacher training through CorePower Yoga. Here, she shares a few unexpected lessons she learned.

My 200-hour yoga teacher training course is coming to a close so I've been reflecting on how much I've discovered on and off the mat during these past few months. If you're considering enrolling for a teacher training course in the future, here are some discoveries you may make should you choose to travel down a similar path. 

CJ, German Shorthaired Pointer, Named Top Dog - inspires us to do YOGA with our dog!

General by Liz Eustace

#WestminsterDogShow -- CJ. it's given us inspiration to do yoga with our dog... or DOGA!

Doga – a portmanteau of "Dog Yoga" - is the practice of yoga with your dog. Say what?

Yep, you can practice yoga with your k-9 bestie - it’s a real thing. Doga incorporates meditation, gentle massage and stretching to achieve a blissful state with your pooch.

Why do such a thing? According to doga practitioners, there are several reasons:

#grammy Awards and yoga?

General by Liz Eustace

Tonight will tell us whether a yoga inspired Bhakti (devotion) based album will win the #GRAMMYs. Nominated for the 58th #Grammys, Bhakti Without Borders blends 'melodies from the East Indian Bhakti tradition with the folk, bluegrass and country elements of traditional American and Irish music. The result is a sound that is both fresh and familiar'.

Yoga for Love: An Intimate Sequence

General by Jessica Bellofatto

With February comes Valentine’s Day, a day to recognize and honor the loved ones in your life, especially your romantic love. This is one of those holidays that could easily fall into the category of lame ‘hallmark holidays,’ but not if we choose to forgo the heart shaped box of chocolates and spice things up with our partner with some partner yoga instead!