February 2015

Yoga for sexual health: water pitcher breathing technique

General by Liz Eustace

February is alignyo’s month of love, so we thought it was the perfect time to introduce Wendy Strgar, loveologist and creator of Good Clean Love aphrodisiac products. She’s partnered with yoga teacher Caitlin Young to create a Yoga for Sexual Health video series. In this first video, Wendy and Caitlin show you how to do water pitcher breathing to connect to your pelvic floor.

How to have tantric sex

What’s Hot by Liz Eustace

Curious about tantric sex? Aren’t we all? Blisstree share some great tips on how to start having tantric sex.

Tantric sex. Sting has it. Diane Keaton has it. That one guy has it with Stiffler’s mom in one installment of the American Pie franchise.

DIY rose sensual aroma oil for Valentine's Day

General by Charlynn Avery

Rose oil is a wonderfully aromatic and healing essential oil. It's also great to use to show yourself some love this Valentine's Day. Aromatherapist Charlynn Avery explains below.

Rose – tried and true flower of passion, romance and all things love. We give each other roses to court and console, to romance and reminisce, but most of all to share love. The essential oil carries the aroma of the flower, which provides for us a gentle reminder of all that makes life beautiful.