July 2014

Happy Heart Yoga Eco-Retreat in Magical Maine

Local Events - NYC

Join yoga teacher and mystic, Diana Scime-Sayegh, this September 25th-28th at Happy Heart Yoga Retreat: Relax and Restore in the Magical Woods of Maine

Practice soul-dancing yoga, hike lush trails + play beneath waterfalls and starry skies.

5 vegan foodies to follow online

General by Ethical Ocean

Need some vegan cooking inspiration? Here are the top five vegan foodies that you can follow online. 

4 ways to take your yoga practice outdoors

General by Liz Eustace

Summer is in full swing. Dog days are here but don't let the weather slow down your practice. Consider taking your practice outside of the studio and into the great outdoors. The fresh air is very beneficial to your breath and the soothing sounds of nature provide a unique playlist for your practice.

Here are 4 ways to take your practice outside:

10 unique uses for avocado


While we’ve been focusing on consuming lots of avocado this summer (making guacamole, raw chocolate pudding or using it to thicken our smoothies), our friends at Blisstree were busy researching other ways to enjoy the good-for-you fruit. Check out these 10 unique uses for avocado.

Let’s all agree that avocados are the greatest food of all the different foods and anyone who doesn’t like them should be ashamed of themselves (just kidding) As far as I’m concerned, not liking avocados is on par with not liking high fives and making out.

Watermelon Peach Salad with Basil, Pumpkin Seeds and Lime Vinaigrette

Recipes by Jenne Claiborne

If you love eating juicy melons during the summer, you must try this delicious Watermelon Peach Salad recipe from Jenné Claiborne of Sweet Potato Soul. Melons are also loaded with antioxidants and good for you. Read on to find out more about the healthy benefits of watermelon and cantaloupe.

8 ways to balance your Pitta dosha with yoga

General by Ali Cramer

Send summer out being calm, cool and collected with this Ayurvedic approach to asana from Ali Cramer. 

This is about the time of year where even the most diehard Pitta people are starting to feel a little beat down by the summer. Ayurveda asks us to honor the cycles of our lives and the seasons and situations that we find ourselves in. It's up to us to be conscious enough to recognize when we need to shift our routines. Thankfully, we can help balance our bodies by bringing an Ayurvedic approach to our yoga practice. 

4 yoga poses to relieve sore summer feet


In the winter, we spend most of our time in closed-toe shoes with supportive soles. But in the summertime, we walk around in flip-flops or spend ample time barefoot. We know that wearing flip-flops can cause back pain, leg pain and poor posture, but we still love to wear them when it’s hot outside.

10 survival tips for hot, humid summer days


We love hot summer days, but if you can’t stand the heat, check out these 10 survival tips for hot, humid and hellacious weather from Blisstree.

Do you want to live, survive, thrive and jive, but 90 degree temperatures are cramping your style? Here are 10 tips for dealing with a heat wave without dying or murdering anyone:

Dress appropiately

Need hot weather style inspiration? Think Floridian detective: breezy, breathable clothes in light colors, like a white linen suit over a Hawaiian shirt.

Top 5 uses for peppermint oil in summer

Yoga Lifestyle by Charlynn Avery

Aura Cacia aromatherapist Charlynn Avery shares five ways to use peppermint essential oil to help you stay cool in the summer.

Yoga in Nantucket


Looking for a yogic escape this weekend? Why not check out the third annual Nantucket Yoga Festival, July 11-13.