June 2014

Yoga for travelers with Tara Stiles

Yoga Lifestyle

You already know that we’re big Tara Stiles fans. She’s like the friend you always want to have coffee with because she’s silly, playful and turns out to be wicked smart. She teaches a rockingly amazing yoga classes at her Strala Studio in NYC and here she’s sharing a few yoga for travel tips with our friends at Blisstree. Perfect for the first “official” weekend of summer:   

5 tips for throwing a big yoga event in your city


On June 21, Summer Solstice, Time Square is hosting their annual "yoga day." Over 10,000 people from around the globe will gather together to quiet their minds in the country's most chaotic location. 

Those of us on Team alignyo who will be in the city for the big event are pumped to be a part of it, but this event also prompted us to ask, why can't something like this happen in any city around the world? 

Yoga and… time to share


It’s time for your close-up alignyo readers. Tell us what yoga means to you and how you found the practice. We’re short (well, actually tall and short, from 5’1” to almost 6 feet!) over here – 150-200 words tops. We’ll publish the most inspiring stories with your picture here on our blog and on Facebook, where we have close to 200,000 fans. We want to hear from you about what yoga means to you.

4 yoga poses for a great butt


Firm up your butt with these four unique yoga moves for an awesome booty from Jessica Bellofatto of KamaDeva Yoga. 

Yoga for men: 4 reasons why men should do yoga

General by Grant Donovan

Happy #fathersday!

Do you or your significant other still think yoga is just for women? Think again! Grant Donovan of Men's Fit Club shares four benefits of yoga for men below.

Yoga poses for golfers


Yoga is extremely beneficial to golfers both physically and mentally. A consistent yoga practice can help alleviate pain from play and prevents injuries from happening on the course. Golf also requires intense concentration; yoga cultivates focus, which results in a better game. This Father's Day, instead of buying your dad another set of golf balls, introduce him to some postures that will help him on the course. 

Here are 4 yoga poses for the dad and golfer in your life:   

Are flip-flops dangerous?

General by Greatist.com

We love to wear flip-flops on a gorgeous summer day, but are we damaging our bodies? This informative article from Greatist explains the potential dangers of wearing flip-flops and gives a few tips on how to select a good pair as well as how to prevent injury.

alignyo's Father's Day gift guide

Yoga Lifestyle

Father’s Day is a great excuse to spoil your dad, so we’re sharing Father’s Day gift ideas that we think dads will love – regardless of if he’s devoted to his daily yoga practice or still thinks yoga is weird stretching. From comfortable pants he’ll want to spend the day watching the game in to a mat made just for him, check out our Father’s Day Gift Guide.

Get to know MC Yogi

What’s Hot

A rapping yogi? Sounds like a seriously zen combination. It’s time to get down, dog... I guess we’ll leave the yoga rapping to the professionals. MC Yogi, otherwise known as Nicholas Giacomini, creates homemade beats for the yoga tradition. He released his first album in 2008 with great success amongst the yoga community. MC Yogi is known for being a popular headliner at yoga events, like the Wanderlust Festival. In fact, we ran into MC Yogi at Wanderlust Vermont and got awesome video of him freestyling about alignyo.

Colleen Saidman's Yoga for Weight Loss DVD

Yoga Lifestyle

There are many videos in this space, but what's unique about Colleen Saidman’s Yoga for Weight Loss video is the thoroughness with which she approached her teaching and the components of this particular practice. This video took four months of research on how to build a program around weight loss that could be followed by people who are overweight (with joints and movement in mind) and also challenging for those who are not.

5 cool yoga tops for spring and summer

Yoga Lifestyle

Yoga tops for spring and summer are all about light and flowy fabrics that help you stay cool on and off the mat. We’ve picked five tanks that feature flattering cuts, colors and cool tech features to help you show off your yoga style.

Click here for our summer yoga tank picks

Essential oils that keep bugs away

General by Charlynn Avery

Worried about bugs ruining your summer parties? Follow these directions on how to make your own all-natural room spray from aromatherapist Charlynn Avery to keep bugs away.

Summer is the perfect time for entertaining – the weather is nice, the days are long, and we feel a pull to the great outdoors. We can use our essential oils to help set the mood for entertaining (especially outdoors), and we can have a pleasant, aromatic experience that doesn’t include using harsh synthetics or chemical fragrances.

Video: How to make kombucha at home


We love kombucha, but drinking a bottle everyday can quickly become an expensive health habit. Making your own kombucha at home is fairly easy to do and inexpensive.