May 2014

An epic yoga event - dare to dream


Imagine being surrounded by pillows from ABC Carpet and Home, taking a deep breath of a custom made 12:29 scent, a goal coaching clinic with lululemon and learning yoga from one of one of New York's most celebrated instructors Rima Rabbath. On June 1st, this fantasy will become reality. Check out “Glowing NOW!”, a one-of-a-kind, day long, yoga event where you’ll sweat, think, eat, drink, connect, and have a ball. 

Benefits of foam rolling for yoga

General by Blair Atkins

Many collegiate and professional athletes use foam rollers to recover from intense training sessions, and yogis can benefit from foam rolling just as much. Twisting your body in a way you haven't before and trying new poses can cause your muscles to tense up; using the foam roller keeps your muscles supple and allows for better recovery from especially challenging practices.

Radical Aliveness - interview Desiree Rumbaugh


We're always interested in 'the why' behind people coming to the practice of yoga. Sometimes it's strictly the physical need to heal or the mental desire to de-stress. There are however also, the moments of revelation which is what occurred when internationally acclaimed yoga instructor, Desiree Rumbaugh came to the practice 26 years ago. It was during a simple triangle pose that evoked an emotional release of tears which prompted her to delve deeper into the practice of yoga.

Hot off the mat: Celebrate Memorial Day

Hot off the mat

Is it just us, or did Memorial Day come out of nowhere this year? If you’re not prepared for the unofficial summer kickoff, we can help. For inspiration, check out 48 of your favorite celebs who love #yoga, dive into healthy recipes and tips for a Memorial Day party and even yoga moves you can start doing RIGHT NOW to help you feel more fit come this weekend.

For the little yogi and beyond…


Planning your annual yoga retreat or summer vacation and in need of some comfy, travel wear?

Check out these lovely eco chic lifestyle wear looks by Satva, made from certified organic cotton. These boho inspired looks offer versatile style both on and off the mat – all pre-shrunk & bio washed, meaning the fabrics are free from harmful chemicals & allergens. You practice with mindful purpose so purchase mindfully. Each purchase helps support fair trade, organic cotton farming communities in rural India.

Fire up the grill: Vegan beet burger recipe

Recipes by Jenne Claiborne

Looking for a unique and healthy veggie burger recipe as we inch towards the season of the BBQs? Make these vegan beet burgers from Jenné Claiborne of Sweet Potato Soul.

Latham Thomas has a new wellness series on ULive

Local Events - NYC

Smoothie recipes, what to eat before doing yoga and how to have a healthy, abundant pregnancy are just a few of the helpful tips Latham Thomas has shared with the alignyo community.

Mother's Day gifts for yoga moms

Yoga Lifestyle

Your mom does it all: kicks butt in the office all day, always has time to give you sound advice, and somehow makes it to her mat to practice. How does she do it? 

This Mother’s Day, treat your mom to something special. Here are a few Mother's Day gift ideas your mom (and every other mom in your life) will love. Even if she isn't a yogi, these healthy gifts are sure to delight.

Check out our slideshow of Mother's Day gifts for yoga moms here.

Eco chic for every yogi


We used to think affordable and fair trade yoga clothes made from certified organic cotton were like an advanced arm balance—we knew it could be done, we just weren’t quite sure how. Meet Satva. This conscious company (Satva means pure in Sanskrit) makes its yoga apparel out of GOTS certified organic cotton, which supports developing economies, sustainable farming initiatives and chemical-free fabrics.

Yoga poses you can do in bed to increase flexibility


There are several yoga poses that you can do before you even get out of bed to help you begin your day feeling limber. Make this series into a daily routine and over time you will notice decreased tightness and tension upon waking. 

Rise, stretch and shine: