March 2014

Detox yoga: An easy sequence to cleanse your system

General by Jessica Bellofatto

Start the year off refreshed and renewed. Try this easy detox yoga sequence courtesy of Jessica Bellofatto and wring out the old to make space for the new.

Healthy breakfast recipes


We’ve heard it time and time again, and it’s still true: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Properly fueling your body in the morning can help keep you energized and prevent you from grabbing a not-so healthy snack later in the day. Try one of these healthy breakfast recipes to keep you satiated and satisfied all morning long.

Don't miss YJ Live! New York


The early bird gets the worm and saves big on the YJ Live! New York Conference. Whether you can come for a day, a class or the full weekend, YJ Live! is your perfect opportunity to create your dream yoga retreat in the heart of Manhattan.

5 yoga tips for athletes

Yoga Lifestyle

Yoga teacher and avid runner Emilie Smith, who teaches yoga for athletes classes in New York, shares 5 tips on how to successfully use yoga for cross-training.

Have you tried Naked Yoga?


a la the musical Annie... NYC, there is something about you... let's call it fearlessness, innovation... creativity?

Of course, co-ed yoga is happening at a New York City based yoga studio. The studio is called Bold and Naked, located in the heart of Chelsea. 

Side Plank: The mythology behind Vashistasana

Yoga Lifestyle by Alanna Kaivalya

“Being a yoga teacher is hard work and no one knew that more than Vashista.”

Next time you’re struggling with Vashistasana (Side Plank) in yoga class, remember the story of the great sage Vashista (a.k.a., the greatest yoga teacher the world had known). Yoga teacher Alanna Kaivalya shares the mythology behind side plank and gives tips on how to properly do this core sculpting yoga pose.

“It tends to be the most challenging postures that are given the name of the sages, probably because these old teachers had the hardest tasks.”

Get to know Dana Flynn of Laughing Lotus

Local Events - NYC

We think 2014 is shaping up to be a big year for Laughing Lotus. In fact, Forbes ran this great profile on Lotus mama Dana Flynn and the community she’s created in NYC because she’s ready to bring her unique style to the entire nation. What’s all the fuss about?

3 yoga poses for toned arms


Despite what gym rats may tell you, you can tone your arms with yoga, using nothing but your own body weight. We know a lot of ripped yogis who are proof of that. Yoga can help you get strong, jiggle-free arms and you won’t have to spend a lot of time on your mat doing chaturanga pushups to see the results either. 

Try incorporating these 3 yoga poses for toned arms into your practice: 

Small yoga business looks for a kick-start


#yoga and #kick-start

Hotdog Yoga is turning to Kickstarter and the yoga community to support the manufacturing and launch of its next product - you up for it?

Hotdog founder and CEO Michael Hess, who credits yoga as being transformational in his life, launched the first Hotdog Yoga bag about a year ago as a side project and was immediately encouraged by its grass-roots success.

Why crowdfunding? Hess says he decided to jump into it because "the yoga community is particularly welcoming of small business and good new ideas."

Bryan Kest has a new studio

Local Events - LA

At the end of January, Bryan Kest announced that he was moving his classes to a new studio: Santa Monica Power Yoga. Kest is a forefather of Power Yoga on the West Coast, and if you haven’t had a chance to practice with him yet, visiting the new Santa Monica studio is the perfect excuse.

How to create the perfect post-yoga meal

General by Sarah Miller

After a sweaty detox session, the last thing you want to do is put back into your body what you just worked so hard to get out. The key is to nourish and hydrate properly and adequately, but also want to keep things pretty basic and alkaline. This allows your body to rebuild muscle without being bogged down sorting through a heavy meal. A good rule of thumb is to eat something that you could create mainly using foods you picked from a garden. Recipes are great, but sometimes we just want to throw something together quickly with what we have on hand. 

Bollywood in NYC: a benefit to end trafficking

Local Events - NYC

Calling all yoga students, teachers, and aficionados to support Odanadi, an organization which tackles a major problem in India, Human Trafficking. 

6 things you need to know about teaching yoga to veterans


Yoga classes for war veterans is becoming a growing (and much needed) specialty in the yoga world. Here, war vet and yoga teacher Chris Courtney shares 6 tips for yoga teachers who would like to teach yoga to war veterans. 

I served in the Army for many years, endured many hardships, and practiced yoga the whole time I served – including a stint in Iraq.

4 things you need to know about mala beads

Yoga Lifestyle

Have you ever admired your yoga teacher's mala beads? Maybe you've seen them worn not only in the studio, but also on the street. Here's what you need to know before flaunting your own mala beads in class or out and about: 

Eric Paskel: We are not yoga teachers

General by Eric Paskel

Yoga Shelter founder Eric Paskel has some inspiring (and perhaps controversial) words for yoga teachers.

It is my hope that we as yoga teachers all hold ourselves to the highest standards, both personally and professionally. That we have enough self-awareness to realize that we do not hold the title of yoga teacher, we teach yoga.

There may be pages upon pages written to communicate the differences, but I will save us from reading them, in order to encourage our own introspection and reflection.

Can You Heal Too Much?

General by Breathe Repeat

We love this article from author and yoga teacher Alice Williams for Breathe Repeat. If you tend to go overboard on detoxing and healthy living, it’s a must-read!

How to use essential oils in the shower

General by Charlynn Avery

We often hear of ways to use essential oils in the bathtub, but you can also reap the benefits of aromatherapy by using essential oils in the shower. Aromatherapist Charlynn Avery explains how below.

Why we love Elena Brower

Local Events - NYC

We think Elena Brower is one of New York’s finest yoga teachers. Whether she’s holding it down at Virayoga, working on the second book in the Art of Attention series or creating a conscious movement by supporting wonderful charities (like Women For Women International), everything she does comes from an authentic and inspiring place.

Groupon Yoga: The Sometimes Awful Truth


If you’ve ever bought a Groupon for yoga classes or have seen your studio transformed into a place of utter chaos after running a Groupon, read the article written by Gail Konop for Yoganonymous below.

I’m peddling my feet in downward dog, the heated yoga room barely taking the cold edge off this raw November day.

3 healthy ways to celebrate the Oscars

DIY Fridays

The glitz! The glamour! The acceptance speeches! If you’re planning on watching the Academy Awards this Sunday, try our 3 healthy ideas for Oscar night. 

alignyo's healthy Oscar night guide: