February 2014

ECA One Body One World

Local Events - NYC

Yoga teachers, fitness fanatics and group exercise instructors: don’t miss ECA One Body One World. Taking place from March 6-March 9, 2014, ECA OBOW is a weekend full of the latest and most innovative fitness programming in the country. Come learn a new class format to diversify your professional offerings, shop the latest in fitness apparel or just come try out a new class to challenge your body in a different way.

5 yoga poses that helped heal my back

General by Sabrina Taylor

alignyo contributor Sabrina Taylor is not a yoga teacher or a doctor, but wanted to share 5 yoga poses that helped heal her back after an injury. If you have a back injury, let your yoga teacher know before class so they can help you make proper modifications. 

When I was four years old I had a terrible incident with a teeter totter. I can hear the giggles from here, but laugh it up; it seriously injured my back. In fact, it compressed two of my discs leaving me in pain for years. 

How to create your own yoga retreat

DIY Fridays

You deserve a vacation, so here's how to plan an affordable weekend of yoga, healthy meals and spa services . Follow these tips from Jacki Carr on how to create a yoga retreat at home and you’ll get all the relaxing benefits of a weekend away while still practicing ahimsa towards your bank account.

Re-treat yourself:

Prenatal Yoga: Breathing exercise & meditation for expecting moms

General by Breathe Repeat

Pregnant? Try this breathing exercise and a meditation for expecting moms from Joyce Englander of Breathe Repeat.

Being anxious and being short of breath go hand-in-hand. When you’re pregnant you easily find yourself nervous about the health of your little one, the story of your pending labor and delivery, or the mounting responsibilities of motherhood. You can also just be short of breath because there is less room to breathe, which can cause you to feel anxious!

The NYC Vegetarian Food Fest is March 1-2, 2014

Local Events - NYC

Whether you’re plant-based, vegan, vegetarian or simply identify as a healthy eater, you don’t want to miss the NYC Vegetarian Food Fest, March 1-2, 2014. Come for the food (do we need to tell you that there will be tons of samples and yummy eats from vendors around the globe?) and stay for the cooking demos, animal advocacy talks, workshops, yoga demonstrations, meditation sessions and to shop the cruelty-free fashions.

Bikram's former students speak to ABC about alleged sexual assault


Bikram Choudhury is back in the news as former students speak out about alleged sexual assault and rape.

It's the first time Sarah Baughn, a 29-year-old Bikram yoga teacher and lululemon model living in California, has been on camera giving an interview about what happened to her. She sat down with ABC and shared her experience. Baughn claims that she was sexually assaulted and that Bikram should seek 'help'.

Baughn is one of five former students who are suing Bikram for sexual assalut. 

Alec Baldwin is done with public life - does his wife know?


After reading the up close and personal interview from New York Magazine about the annus horribilis Alec Baldwin has had, it's no wonder that he is giving up the spotlight and seeking some respite.

Seane Corn, the yogi activist

Local Events - LA

When we think of activist yogis, Seane Corn is one of the first names that come to mind. She’s one of the co-founders of Off the Mat, Into the World and now she’s using her pull in the yoga world for another cause: getting Marianne Williamson (yes, that Marianne Williamson) elected to Congress in California.

Your skeleton doing yoga


If you've ever wondered what your body looks underneath your yoga pants - you have to check this out. The folks at Hybrid Medical Animation have made this amazing video that lets you check out what your bones look like as they do yoga. 

A blurb from the team about the 'why' behind this video:  

Yoga Music: Winter Restore Playlist

General by Breathe Repeat

Could you use some quiet time to relax your mind, body and spirit. Carve out some time this weekend to chill out and listen to this Winter Restore Playlist curated by yoga teacher Jamie Lugo for Breathe Repeat.

Is sugar causing your skin to age too fast?


Sorry, sweet tooth. Turns out sugar is really bad for your skin. According to this study, which we found on Blisstree, a diet high in sugar can make your skin age faster and lose it’s elasticity.

You can buy all the anti aging creams and lifting lotions money can buy, avoid the sun like a vampire and still end up with an aged old hag face one day.

We're giving away $1000 to Hugger Mugger


We’ve partnered with Hugger Mugger, YOGANONYMOUS and Rank & Style to give four (4) lucky readers $250 each to use at Hugger Mugger. Because when you need a new yoga mat or yoga props, you want the best of the best, right? Choose from incredible mats, bolsters, straps, blocks, bags and more. For the ultimate best of the best shopping advice, check out Rank & Style.

8 savory oatmeal ideas


Looking for a healthy and easy breakfast and lunch ideas? Try savory oatmeal. Skip the fruit, cinnamon and maple syrup and instead go for things like greens, eggs and savory sauces for healthy comfort meals. Our pals at Blisstree share a few of their favorite savory oatmeal ideas.

I have a feeling that savory oatmeal is really going to be a thing in 2014, so get on board.

What country has the healthiest diet?


Curious as to which country has the healthiest diet? Our pals at Blisstree compiled a list of the top 10 healthiest countries around the world via a study conducted by OxFam.

The countries with the healthiest diets: 

LA Yoga Valentine's Day Events

Local Events - LA

No Valentine? No worries. You can still share the love by checking out one of these Valentine’s workshops at Hot 8 Yoga. The Beverly Hills studio hosts a Partner Yoga workshop on February 14. You and your fellow yogis will support each other in fun acrobatic and restorative yoga poses. On February 15, Hot 8 Yoga Santa Monica hosts a special Synergy Yoga workshop that blends partner yoga, AcroYoga and Thai massage. Yoga is so much better than a box of chocolates.

Yoga makes you a better lover


We know the benefits of yoga are boundless. This time of year when love is in the air, how can we see our practice as a tool to explore the concept of intimacy. There are many and our friends at the HuffPo point out 10 ways that yoga can make us a better lover. We love the idea of after-glow (some say a yoga high), focus (think about breath and movement union), tangled limbs (fun) and of course, flexibilty. Really, yoga is the most perfect foreplay.

Demi Moore brings dog to yoga


Demi Moore is seen leaving her yoga class with her pup in her purse? We have to ask - where was the dog when she was practicing? Often studios delicately suggest certain behaviors during class like please turn off your cell phone, refrain from wearing perfume, stay in class until the end, be respectful as you roll out your mat - heck, we even wrote a post about it. We're assuming that it was a private class, right? Did the dog also practice? Was the dog stressed before class and chilled out afterwards?

Jamie Anderson: Olympic gold medalist and yogi

Hot off the mat

We're always happy when yoga gets a plug in the media and right now, everything in the media is about the Olympics in Sochi. We wanted to say 'way to go' to yogi Jamie Anderson who won gold for the USA in slopestyle on Sunday. Turns out that Anderson used yoga the night before her event to calm her nerves.  " I couldn't even eat. I was trying to calm down. Put on some meditation music, burn some sage. Got the candles going. Just trying to do a little bit of yoga." Well it obviously worked. Here's the keeping calm and yoga-ing on.

Can meditation transform your career?

Local Events - NYC

The secret is out: Meditation can help you become a better employee, boss or business owner. On Tuesday, February 11, Transcendental Meditation of New York gathers celebrities and those in high-profile careers for Town Hall, a discussion on the research and application of Transcendental Meditation for promoting creativity, enhancing performance and overcoming stress. It’s not to be missed if you’re looking for a way to make your days feel less hectic and more productive.

Valentine's Day Recipe: Vegan French Toast in Bed

Recipes by Jenne Claiborne

This Valentine’s Day, treat your significant other to a healthy, delicious breakfast. Surprise them with this special Valentine’s Day Recipe: Vegan French Toast with Goji Berry Syrup from Jenné Claiborne of Sweet Potato Soul. Because nothing says I love you like yummy French toast. 

Valentine's Day Partner Yoga at Bend & Bloom

Local Events - NYC

Kickoff a week of love by making time to connect with someone you care about (whether it’s a partner, spouse or friend) at Bend & Bloom’s Valentine’s Day Partner Yoga Workshop on Sunday, February 9. The workshop is lead by real-life husband-and-wife yogis April Cantor and Barry Blumenfeld. Together, you and your partner will move through poses and relaxation techniques to help you feel more connected on and off the mat. There’s even chocolate after class. What’s not to love? 

Why we're banning Bikram

Hot off the mat

Warning: you may want to take a few deep breaths before you read this because it’s full of controversial yoga news. First, we fill you in on why we’re saying goodbye to Bikram yoga for good. There’s also another yogi (with a famous sibling) in the spotlight for sexual misconduct. Oh, then there’s the story about the woman who was moved to tears because a black woman was in her yoga class. Breathe in and read on.

Yoga and healthy recipes for Super Bowl Sunday


Are you ready for some football? The Seattle Seahawks take on the Denver Broncos today for Super Bowl Sunday. Let's be honest, today for most Americans is a day of indulgence. Dips, desserts and drinks can end up being a lot on your system. We're offering a few ways to wring it out - before, during or after the Super Bowl.