January 2014

Get Liberated with Christine Burke

Local Events - LA

Regular alignyo LA readers know that we love Liberation Yoga. Co-owner Christine Burke is the kind of person that makes you feel like you’ve known her forever. She’s friendly, authentic and aims to “bring the whole universe” into every class she teaches. If you’ve been thinking about becoming a yoga teacher, consider Liberation’s upcoming teacher training, co-led by Christine.

Zarbee's Natural Cough Relief


You practice yoga, drink green juice and eat well…and still get the occasional cough or sore throat. Hey, it happens to us too, which is why we’re big fans of Zarbee’s Naturals. Developed by a doctor, Zarbee’s makes drug-free, natural cough and sore throat relief products for adults and kids. Zarbee’s products provide relief fast and can help you feel well without compromising your natural lifestyle.

Escape to Hawaii with Kay Kay Clivio

Local Events - NYC

Six days in beautiful Maui with daily yoga classes led by Kay Kay Clivio, one of our favorite yoga teachers, sounds like pure heaven. We highly recommend you pack your bags and head to Lumeria Maui with KK from February 15-20 for great yoga and gorgeous scenery. Can’t swing a trip to Maui?

10 ways to burn 100 calories without leaving your room


Hey, it’s January and pretty cold in most parts of the country, so if you don’t feel motivated to get out and go to yoga class, check out these 10 ways to burn 100 calories without leaving your room from Blisstree.

When you’re feeling like a lazy-bones or a shut-in stuck in the bell jar, you can still burn some calories from inside your prison of a bedroom. If you’re going to be staying in your cave for whatever reason, here are 10 easy-peasy ways to burn 100 calories:

The Friday Night Yoga Club kicks off in LA

Local Events - LA

Grab your yoga buddies and make a date to go clubbing. The Friday Night Yoga Club kicks off this month. This new yoga community movement features classes led by some of LA’s most beloved yoga instructors, awesome music, healthy eats and a cool community. The inaugural party kicks off on January 31 at Yoga Shelter LA with a class led by none other than Eric Paskel and beats from DJ Drez.

The 5th Annual Bent on Learning Inspire! Gala

Local Events - NYC

Slip out of your yoga leggings and into something a little more formal: it’s time for the 5th annual Bent on Learning Inspire! Gala. BOL is a great non-profit organization that brings yoga to NYC public school kids. The Inspire! Gala takes place on Wednesday, January 29, and is hosted by Hilaria Thomas Baldwin and Alysia Reiner. You don’t want to miss this evening of cocktails, dinner, music and conscious conversation for a great cause. We promise it’ll be an inspirational evening.

Easy to achieve health goals for 2014


If you faltered on your 2014 New Year’s resolutions, don’t beat yourself up. Remember that health is ultimately a journey, not a destination and the only way to reach your goals is to get back on track after you slip up. Get started again with these healthy resolutions that are easy to achieve, picked by our friends at blisstree.

5 Yoga Poses for a Yoga Butt


Is there such a thing as the perfect yoga butt? We don’t think so, but what we do know is that yoga can help you firm up your backside, lengthen leg muscles and increase overall muscle tone, so you can feel good in the skin you’re in. Try adding these 4 yoga poses for a better butt into your home practice. We suggest warming up with a few rounds of sun salutations before trying these poses. Experienced yogis may want to add squats, pulses or lunges between poses to really work the lower body.

Baby got back: 

John Friend is back with Sridaiva Yoga


John Friend, the controversial creator of Anusara Yoga, is returning to the yoga world once again. John made headlines when accounts of sexual harassment and manipulation inside the Anusara yoga community were made public a few years ago (that ultimately ended up tearing down his yoga empire). He went away for a while and is back with a “radical new alignment system,” Sridaiva.

Michelle Obama adding yoga to her fitness routine

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Michelle Obama, the First Lady of the United States, is known for her staying fit and her healthy lifestyle. Mrs. Obama turned 50 on January 17, and she plans to cut down on the high-impact cardio and add more yoga to her fitness routine to help her stay flexible and healthy as she gets older. “So that I’m not falling and breaking a hip one day,” she told People in an interview.

Get 30 days of free yoga with MyYogaWorks


Did you resolve to hit the mat more often in 2014? We’ve got just the thing to help: MyYogaWorks. With MyYogaWorks online yoga classes, you can practice anytime and anywhere. This streaming yoga video service has everything for yogis of all levels. Our current obsession: The MyYogaWorks Detox Journey Series, designed to detoxify and energize the entire body.

Dr. Andrew Weil to give keynote at YJ Live! San Francisco

Local Events - LA

Yoga Journal Live! in San Francisco is this week. In addition to the amazing yoga lineup, integrative medicine pioneer Dr. Andrew Weil gives the keynote speech on Friday, January 17. Join in as he speaks about “Spontaneous Happiness” amidst a time in America where one in ten Americans are taking antidepressants. This event is open to the public, so be sure to invite all your friends. Use code ALIGNYO when registering for $5 off.

The Awaken Wellness Fair Comes to NYC

Local Events - NYC

Get ready to spend the day receiving alternative healing therapies like reiki and listening to soul-shaking talks on how to live your best life. The Awaken Wellness Fair is coming to NYC on Sunday, January 19. This unique mind-body wellness event offers you a chance to hear thought-provoking guest speakers, receive healing treatments and shop conscious products. Awaken has a little something for everyone—and tickets are only $15. It’s time to wake up.

5 reasons to take a level 1 yoga class

General by Breathe Repeat

Looking to challenge and shake up your yoga practice? Go back to basics! Our friends at Breathe Repeat share 5 reasons why you should take a level 1 yoga class.

Ayurveda: Sweet Potato & Black Bean Vegan Chili Recipe

Recipes by Ali Cramer

Ayurveda recipes don’t have to be complicated. In fact, according to Ayurveda expert Ali Cramer, it’s best to keep meals clean and simple in the winter. Get her healthy Sweet Potato & Black Bean Vegan Chili recipe below.

Yogastrology: A new way to look at your health and your yoga practice


When we first heard about Diane Booth Gilliam’s new book, Yogastrology, we were instantly intrigued. We thought it’d simply be a book full of poses that are good for certain sun signs (i.e., Cancers should do heart opening poses), but it’s so much more.

Unique workouts to try in 2014


Looking for ways to stay fit besides yoga? Try one of these off-beat workouts in 2014, picked by our friends at Blisstree.

Spinning, barre workouts and yoga will have all been so overdone. The treadmill is a snooze and I’m sick of bootcamps. I’m bored! Aren’t you bored? There are a million weird ways to workout that don’t involve clip in shoes or downward facing dog. Moving and getting in shape can be a fun new experience, no need to drum out the old routine over and over again.

Let’s try something new:


Essential oils that support your New Year's resolutions

General by Charlynn Avery

Having a hard time getting back into your daily schedule after the holidays? Need help sticking with your New Year's resolutions? Aura Cacia aromatherapist Charlynn Avery has a few suggestions for essential oils that can help you stick with your New Year's resolutions and get back into balance.

Free yoga at the lululemon Urban Souk Marketplace

Local Events - NYC

Baby, it’s cold outside, but this event is worth braving the snow to attend. On Wednesday, January 8, lululemon Meatpacking District hosts the Urban Souk. Dubbed the “urban marketplace with a sweaty twist,” the Souk features free yoga and fitness classes throughout the day led by awesome teachers like Dana Trixie Flynn, Taryn Toomey and Schuyler Grant. The Souk kicks off at 8am.

Tips for a balanced 2014

General by Breathe Repeat

We’re a few days into 2014, but it’s not too late to set resolutions and start fresh. Yoga teacher and Ayurveda expert Ali Cramer shares a few tips on how to make the most out of your New Year’s resolutions with Breathe Repeat.

Inspiration vs. competition in yoga


When we think of yoga we may think of our favorite teachers, the way we feel during and after our practice, the poses we love and the poses that are challenging and, the list goes on and on.

But have you ever associated yoga with competition?

We all have become accustomed to seeing how competitive life can be, especially in the corporate world, and in pro sports, but did you ever imagine that yoga can be as competitive? You may be in for a big surprise if your answer is: “No way…Not in yoga.”

Yoga: The Art of Transformation Book


If you haven’t been able to get to the Smithsonian Museum to check out the first every visual history of yoga, Yoga: The Art of Transformation exhibit, you’re in luck.

The goofiest health trends of 2013


We’re always on board for health trends that help people get healthy in a safe way, but as our pals at Blisstree point out, there were a lot of goofy health trends in 2013. Check out their picks below.

One Down Dog yoga moves to a new studio

Local Events - LA

One Down Dog is moving – down the street. This fun-loving, Silver Lake yoga studio has outgrown its former digs, and has found a new space. To kick it off, they’re having a little “house” warming party later this month. There will be food, live music, a big raffle, and free giveaways. Get the grand opening soiree details below.

Grand Opening Party

The most affordable yoga retreat in NYC

Local Events - NYC

Now that the holidays are over, it’s time to focus on our yoga practice. We suggest getting back into the swing of things with a double dose of Jillian Pransky.