September 2013

Cameron Shayne thinks it's okay to have sex with your yoga teacher

Hot off the mat

Budokon creator and celebrity yoga teacher Cameron Shayne made headlines this weekend when he penned a piece for RebelleSociety on why he thinks it’s okay for you to have sex with your yoga teacher.

Yoga Alliance petitions YogaGlo to withdraw online yoga patent

What’s Hot

Who knew the world of online yoga classes was so cut throat and competitive? We came across this article on YogaDork last week that details the lawsuit streaming yoga website YogaGlo filed to patent the way it shoots its online classes. The company first made headlines for sending a cease and desist letter to a competitor who happened to set up the camera in the studio in a similar fashion to YogaGlo.

Watch Alec Baldwin and wife Hilaria do prenatal yoga together

What’s Hot

When we reported on the birth of Alec Baldwin and wife Hilaria Thomas Baldwin’s baby girl Carmen (congratulations to the couple again), we also mentioned that Alec makes an appearance in Hilaria’s new prenatal yoga DVD.

Drink this rejuvenating smoothie after yoga class

Recipes by Sabrina Taylor

Hydrating our bodies seems to be one of the easiest things to forget, but the most important to remember. 

You can see how remaining hydrated might become a problem for us hot yoga lovers. But how do you know if you’re dehydrated and how do you deal with it properly? 

One of the first indicators of dehydration during a hot yoga session (or any higher temperature workout) is tiredness, feeling dizzy, muscle cramping and oddly enough, a lack of sweat. These are all signs that you’re dehydrated and lacking essential electrolytes. 

Moringa: The next big superfood


Are you a superfood junkie? Then get to know Moringa, an African plant that is packed with healthy benefits. Our friends from Clean Plates provide more details and a few products to get you started.

We love Tieks ballet flats


Now that it’s officially fall, it’s a little too chilly for sandals and not quite cold enough for boots, so we are beyond thrilled to have our versatile, wearable Tieks ballet flats. They are the perfect shoe to wear from the yoga studio to street, and are designed to fold-up to fit into your bag. Tieks are made of durable Italian leather and come in bold, bright colors. 

Don’t do leather? The Tieks vegan collection is equally as amazing. 

How to do dancer's pose (Natarajasana)


Dancer's pose (Natarajasana) is much more than just a pretty yoga asana, it involves strength, flexibility, and balance. Because of this, it can be a difficult posture for some yogis. Let's break it down!  

How to get there 

Collard Green Miso Soup

Recipes by Jenne Claiborne

What’s an easy way to make healthy miso soup even healthier? Add those dark leafy greens, honey! We love the rich and bold flavors of this Collard Green Miso Soup from vegan chef Jenné Claiborne. 

Get to know Halle Becker, creator of Homegirl Yoga


What could be more NYC fitness than teaching awesome yoga classes and at Soul Cycle? Our homegirl Halle Becker does both, and is known for her inspiring cycling classes as well as her signature class, Homegirl Yoga. She knows how New Yorkers like to sweat, but don’t get it twisted—this is one fierce yogini who has a passion for the practice that goes well beyond just looking good in spandex.

10 sweet facts about honey


We’re totally sweet on honey here at alignyo (see what we did there?), so we just had to share these 10 interesting facts about honey from our friends at Blisstree. 

I’m not quite sure how to talk about honey without gushing and I can’t and won’t even get started on bees because they are such amazing creatures. Back to honey: It’s basically a miracle substance. Not only is it effing delicious, but it comes complete with healing properties. I’m so glad to live on an earth with honey.

Here are 10 sweet facts about honey:

Chakras and Essential Oils: Balancing the Solar Plexus Chakra

General by Charlynn Avery

For this week’s installment on balancing the chakras with essential oils, Aura Cacia aromatherapist Charlynn Avery talks about the solar plexus and the best essential oils to support balance for this chakra.

Yoga guru Swami Ramdev detained at airport in England

Yoga News

Why was Swami Ramdev, the wildly popular and successful Indian guru, recently detained at London’s Heathrow airport for six hours? 

According to Yahoo News, Ramdev was detained for questioning as to why he was traveling on a visitor’s visa instead of a business visa. There were also reports that he was “carrying medicines," but his people shut that down, saying he was only traveling with a small bag of personal items. 

5 yoga apparel brands you need to know

Yoga Lifestyle

We love our lululemon Wunder Under leggings and we totally geek out about the cutting edge fabric technology Nike uses in most of its apparel, but we’re equally impressed with the unique designs, colors and cuts of smaller independent yoga apparel brands. These companies, with their passion for the practice, eco-sensibilities and stylish designs, deserve your attention.

Check out these 5 indie yoga brands we love

Alanna Kaivalya: The story of the Warrior Yoga Poses

Yoga Lifestyle by Alanna Kaivalya

Love, dreadlocks and beheadings: It’s time to learn the story of the Warrior (Virabhadrasana) yoga poses. Variations of the Warrior yoga poses are done in almost every style of yoga, but do you know the mythology behind these popular yoga poses? In her From Myth to Pose video series, yoga teacher Alanna Kaivalya shares the story of the Warrior Poses while also breaking down proper form for each variation. It’s an epic Hindu tale of love, anger and mistakes that will surely rival any of your favorite Greek mythology stories.

High school students protest yoga pants ban

What’s Hot

To protest their schools rumored decision to ban yoga pants, male students at North Haven High School in Connecticut wore yoga pants to school.

Female students participated as well (and there was also a signed petition), but it was the male students showing up in tight spandex that made headlines.

The Smithsonian yoga exhibit opens soon

What’s Hot

Think you’re too old for a field trip? Think again. The long-awaited Smithsonian Museum’s yoga exhibit opens on October 19, 2013, so grab your yoga pals and head to D.C. for this not-to-be-missed cultural event.

What the heck are the natural curves of the spine?

General by Breathe Repeat

It’s time for a little Yoga Anatomy 101. Our friends at Breathe Repeat break down spinal alignment and curvature. Alignment junkies will surely get a kick out of this.

One thing that sends shivers down my spine is hearing a yoga teacher cue students to “come up to a flat back”. It may stem from good intentions – to move students away from extreme curves in their back – but it’s a misleading direction…

It’s much more accurate to ask students to lengthen the natural curves of the spine. But, what the heck does that mean?

How to do an Ayurveda Abhyanga massage at home

Yoga Lifestyle by Ali Cramer

Ayurveda practitioner Ali Cramer is helping us demystify Ayurveda by making yoga’s sister science easy and approachable enough to start incorporating into your daily life. This week, she shares how you can do Abhyanga, an Ayurveda oil massage, at home. Interested in becoming an Ayurveda practitioner? Check out Ali's upcoming 50-hour intensive training at Laughing Lotus NYC.

Celebrate Third Root's anniversary this weekend

Local Events - NYC

Third Root community health center has helped spread wellness throughout Brooklyn and created a unique space where yogis from all walks of life can practice and feel accepted.  

Join us on Sept. 28 at Irondale Ensemble Project in Brooklyn as we celebrate Third Root's influential work over the past five years. In addition to yoga, the event will also include a catered dinner and a hip hop dance party. We're so in! 

Prep: Dirty Yoga Co. does yoga for beginners


Do you look longingly at pictures of slim yogis in crazy inversions and wish you could easily move into yoga poses like that? You can, you just have to build a strong foundation first. Consider Prep, Dirty Yoga Co.’s new yoga for beginners program.

Watch Ellen's yoga monologue

What’s Hot

Ellen Degeneres loves yoga. You’re probably not too surprised, seeing as it seems like every celebrity is hitting the mat these days (which is totally cool with us, by the way). Recently on the Ellen Show, Ellen opened with a monologue about doing yoga every morning for 30 days. Ellen says it’s improved her energy and makes her feel great, but we love how she talks about it with her audience. She manages to pepper in jokes while also breaking down yoga for her fans.

3 healthy salad dressing recipes


Looking for new ways to dress your salads and add flavor boosts to your favorite healthy dishes? Try these 3 “shocking” salad dresses picked by Clean Plates. 

10 fun ways to burn calories (besides doing yoga)


Looking for ways to burn calories besides doing yoga? Check out this list of 10 fun ways to burn calories from Blisstree.

Burning calories can be the worst, basically unbearable. If going to the gym and lacing up for a run sound like nightmarish punishments, you’re in luck because burning calories doesn’t have to feel like middle school gym class. You burn calories just by existing, but you can burn calories by existing well.

Here are the 10 raddest ways to expend energy:

3 unique core yoga exercises using a yoga block


If your usual yoga abs series is growing a little stale, check out these three yoga core moves that use a block for an added challenge. While some yogis mistakenly think of the yoga block as a crutch, we find that it actually helps us to move deeper into our abdominal muscles and obliques and therefore sculpt a flat tummy. Bikini season may be coming to a close, but a strong core is always in season.

Challenge yourself with these 3 unique core yoga exercises: 

Chipotle Sweet Potato Soup with Mung Beans

Recipes by Jenne Claiborne

One of our favorite things about fall is a big bowl of soup to comfort and warm us up from the inside out. Vegan chef Jenné Claiborne of Sweet Potato Soul shares one her favorite soup recipes below.

Are you ready for fall? Changing leaves, layered looks and roasted roots? I never seem to appreciate the coming of autumn until it’s here. I cling to the heat of summer, reluctant to let it go, yet mid-September comes and it too feels so good.

Vinnie Marino is coming to YogaWorks Soho

Local Events - NYC

You know a yoga teacher is the man when the New York Times writes a profile on him and crowns him the Yoga King. This weekend, the King, Vinnie Marino, comes to New York to lead a series of workshops at YogaWorks Soho. We’ve had the opportunity to practice with Vinnie and we have to tell you, he lives up to the hype. You’ll sweat, laugh and learn in his musically-driven vinyasa flow classes.

Hanumanasana: The story of Hanuman and his yoga pose

Yoga Lifestyle by Alanna Kaivalya

In the Western world, Hanuman is one of the easily recognizable Hindu gods. The yoga pose named after him, Hanumanasana (yoga splits) is one of those love it or hate it poses that pops up in a variety of yoga styles. But do you know the story of this popular Hindu god? In her From Myth to Pose video below, yoga teacher Alanna Kaivalya shares the story of Hanuman while also showing us how to get into three yoga poses—Virasana (Heroes Pose), Anjaneyasana (Lunge) and of course, Hanumanasana (Yoga Splits)—associated with the Monkey god.

What happens to your body while you sleep


We’re obsessed with sleep—and for a good reason—getting enough sleep is one of the best things you can do for your health. But what exactly happens to your body when you go off to dreamland? Blisstree has the details. 

Contrary to popular belief, sleep is not for the dead, it’s actually a really productive way to spend your time.

YogaWorks is opening a studio in Brooklyn

Local Events - NYC

Brooklyn yogis, rejoice! YogaWorks recently announced plans to open a studio in Brooklyn at 210 Joralemon Street. The first YogaWorks Brooklyn studio will feature two large practice rooms (one with the great wall), locker rooms with showers, mat storage and of course, the YogaWorks signature classes you’ve come to know and love. YogaWorks Brooklyn is expected to open in March 2014. We’ll be sure to keep you updated as news develops.  

Join Yoga Trailblazers for Coastal Cleanup Day

Local Events - LA

Yoga Trailblazers is a really cool non-profit organization that offers free outdoor yoga classes in conjunction with various volunteer opportunities. Participating in a Yoga Trailblazers event is a fun and easy way to take your yoga off the mat to help protect the environment and do good.

Chakras and Essential Oils: Balancing the Sacral Chakra

General by Charlynn Avery

In part two of our series on balancing the chakras using essential oils, Aura Cacia aromatherapist Charlynn Avery picks the best oils shares how to balance the sacral chakra.

Nitika Chopra: 3 ways to glow off the yoga mat

General by Nitika Chopra

How can you get your glow on when you don’t have time for yoga? Nitika Chopra, founder of Bella Life and host of the new talk show Naturally Beautiful on Veria, shares her 3 favorite ways to glow off the mat. 

Use this chart to find the best style of yoga for you

What’s Hot

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: There’s a style of yoga out there for everyone. Not sure which one is right for you? YogaTrail put together this handy yoga styles chart (see a larger version here) to help you figure it out. Take a look, it just might help you fall in love with yoga all over again.

Tight hamstrings? You'll love this yoga poem

General by Breathe Repeat

Where my tight hamstring yogis at? We smiled with joy and serious understanding as we read Steve Chiros’ Ode to Paschimottanasana poem, originally published on Breathe Repeat.  

I have tight hamstrings. Like really tight hamstrings. Forward folding has always been difficult for me. Then one day I thought, why not give up the fight – at least just a little bit? The following poem emerged from my struggle and my eventual letting go in paschimottanasana…

 by Steve Chiros

10 benefits of yoga


In honor of National Yoga Month, we're sharing a few reasons for you to get on your mat. Actually, we're sharing more than a few. The truth is that the benefits of yoga are endless, but here are our top 10.   

Yoga Jewels: Wear your yoga practice


We’re always looking for ways to inspire you to do more yoga and we love hooking readers up with a great deal, so we’re excited to tell you that alignyo readers get 20% off at Yoga Jewels. This collection of handmade yoga-inspired jewelry depicts sweet yoga poses in sterling silver and 14K gold. Wear these mini sculptures around your neck or wrist and take your passion for the practice with you everywhere you go. Use code ALIGNYO for 20% off sterling silver necklaces at Yoga Jewels.

Why yoga teacher Trina Hall decided to gain 40 pounds

Yoga News

For some of us, one of the reasons why we do yoga is to help us maintain a healthy body weight or to drop a few pounds. So we were fascinated by Dallas yoga teacher Trina Hall’s decision to gain 40 pounds to show a friend (who Hall says was crying to her about the fear of being a “fat yoga teacher,”) that yoga and life is about much more than that. In this interview with U.S.

Free Urban Priestess teleclass with Ashley Turner and Sianna Sherman


We just had to share news that Ashley Turner and Sianna Sherman are hosting a free Urban Priestess Live TeleSpree Class this Wednesday, September 18 at 7:30PM ET/4:30PM PT.

Free yoga at Exhale for NamasDAY


In celebration of National Yoga Month, select Exhale Spa locations are throwing a big NamasDAY event on Thursday, September 19, 2013. Stop in to Exhale on NamasDay for a free yoga class (choose from Exhale’s signature styles like Exhale Chill and Exhale Power), music, trunk show, mini spa treatments and surprise special goodies. Free yoga, sweet music and giveaways sounds like our kind of yoga party.

How to make the perfect yerba mate latte at home

Recipes by Sarah Miller

Looking to switch things up from your daily cup of green tea or looking to cut back on your coffee habit? Yerba mate is great as a pre-class energizer, or a post-practice pick-me-up.

The healthiest thing you're not eating: Fermented foods


We’re big fans of raw sauerkraut, kombucha and kimchi to help improve digestion and boost our gut health. Find out more about the benefits of fermented foods from our friends at Clean Plates.

It “cooks” on your shelf, not on your stove. It gets better as it ages. And to health experts, it’s some of the best food you can eat. It’s fermented food!

Watch Yoga Partners: "Dog"


Here’s the second episode of web comedy series Yoga Partners. In this week’s class, the students work on downward dog and chair pose while instructor Quippy (yes, that’s her real name), tries laughter yoga. 

Head to Newark on Sept. 22 for Global Mala NJ

Local Events

Global Mala NJ will take place this year on September 22 at the Newark School Stadium. Started seven years ago by Shiva Rae, Global Mala has brought together thousands of people from all over the world to fight poverty, education, and AIDS. By uniting the yoga community from across the globe, Global Mala forms a "mala around the earth".  

10 reasons why dairy is bad for you


Dairy tends to be one of those things that people either love or loathe (not to mention adults and kids that are lactose intolerance). alignyo’s team is divided by those who haven’t eaten dairy in years and those of us who love a daily serving of Greek yogurt. No matter where you sit on the dairy scale, these 10 reasons why dairy is bad for you from Blisstree is worth a read. 

Bed yoga: 4 yoga poses for better sleep


Recently we posted a series of yoga poses you can do in bed that are wonderful to do in the morning to help build flexibility and start your day out right. We think yoga is an ideal way to end your night, too. If you have trouble unwinding from a hectic day, a couple of calming yoga poses before bed may be just what you need.

Free yoga with Stefanie Eris

Local Events - NYC

We recently published our review of Stefanie Eris’ class at Exhale. She’s a great teacher and next Thursday, September 19 you can take class with her for free. As part of Exhale’s NamasDay event (a day of free yoga at Exhale locations across the country in honor of National Yoga Month), Stefanie is teaching a fusion of Exhale’s signature yoga styles, Exhale Flow and Exhale Chill, at 7:35 at the Central Park South location.

Hot new yoga trend: The Indo Yoga Board

Yoga Lifestyle

Over summer, many yogis took to the water to try a Standup Paddleboard (SUP) yoga class. Depending on where you live, the falling temps may make it nearly impossible to do SUP yoga now that it's fall. We found the perfect solution: The Indo Yoga Board.

Get ready for the Yoga Journal Colorado Conference


It’s time to make your fall plans! Join Yoga Journal LIVE in Estes Park, Colorado for the 18th Annual Yoga Journal Conference: Colorado. There’s no better place than the scenic Rocky Mountains to create your own custom yoga retreat. Classes will fill up fast, so register today and use our exclusive code AY13 for $50 off your ticket. Here’s just a taste of what you can expect.

Get a Rocky Mountain Yoga High at Yoga Journal Conference Estes Park, Sept. 22-29, 2013:

Free yoga classes from MyYogaWorks online


How can you take a variety of yoga classes led by amazing teachers as often as you like without breaking the bank? MyYogaWorks online. This new streaming yoga site brings the best YogaWorks classes directly to you, whenever and wherever. Can’t sleep? There’s a class for that. Want to increase flexibility? They got you covered. Looking to troubleshoot a challenging pose? You’ll find helpful tutorials, too. alignyo readers get a free month of online yoga classes via our exclusive code GETMYW1 (expires 12/31/13).

Last chance for free yoga in Bryant Park


Our free yoga in Bryant Park series, sponsored by Athleta and led by YogaWorks teachers, has been nothing short of incredible. There really is nothing like practicing yoga in a beautiful park surrounded by hundreds of fellow yogis. So this is a friendly reminder to clear your schedule and join us on Tuesday morning at 10am or Thursday evening at 6:30pm, because the yoga in the park season ends on September 17.

Why you should start using a dry skin brush


Dry skin brushing is a simple Ayurvedic ritual that offers big benefits. Here are four things you should know about this easy detoxifying ritual.  

Brush up on your knowledge of dry skin brushing: 

Chaga Superfood Smoothie recipe


On a recent trip to visit some dear friends in South Florida, we hit the mat at Red Pearl Yoga in Ft. Lauderdale then stopped in to Eat the Tea Superfood Cafe to replenish. This little café is a tea lover's dream—there’s looseleaf tea you can buy by the pound, special blends for a pre- or post-practice pick-me-up and our favorite, the Superfood Tea smoothies. 

The Seeds of Service dinner: Help a war vet heal with yoga


Yoga has been shown to help war veterans deal with post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and injuries so they can ease back into a civilian lifestyle.

HIlaria Baldwin welcomes baby girl and releases prenatal yoga DVD

What’s Hot

Actor Alec Baldwin and his wife Hilaria Thomas are making headline again, but this time around, the news is much more pleasant

NYC: 9/11 Yoga Practice

Local Events - NYC

On Wednesday, September 11, 2013, Stonehenge and Reflections Center for Conscious Living host a Vinyasa yoga class led by Paula Tursi and a meditation led by Sarah Platt Finger in tribute of the New York Fire Department and 9/11. 

Taking place from 6:30-8:30pm, the event has a suggested donation of just $10 to benefit the UFA Widow’s and Children’s Fund. 

“Set your intention. Humble yourself. Honor the fallen and give back to those actively serving to protect our city.”

alignyo named one of the best health & fitness websites for women by


We love the folks at Shape and are super thankful that they included alignyo in their list of The Best Health and Fitness Site for Women. Shape is always a great resources for all things fitness and we equally love their sister publications, Natural Health and FitPregnancy.

Need a laugh? Watch Yoga Partners Episode 1


We’ve heard of some whacky yoga classes, but Yoga Partners takes the cake. This funny YouTube series goes deep inside a dysfunctional yoga studio for an inside look at a partner’s yoga class. It’s “Eight people. Four mats. One incompetent teacher” and a lot of laughs. 

Watch Yoga Partners: Episode 1 – Mountain below.

3 unique yoga workshops to try this fall


Signing up for a yoga workshop is an awesome way to celebrate Yoga Month and reconnect with your practice. Often these workshops push you out of your comfort zone if you are accustomed to only one style of yoga; let you go deeper in your practice by troubleshooting poses that might be challenging you or allow time for you to develop a deeper understanding of yoga philosophy. We love yoga workshops and noticed that many studios across the country are starting to pair yoga with holistic therapies that help yogis sleep well, focus or just feel better in general.

Beet Black Bean Dip

Recipes by Jenne Claiborne

Bored with hummus? Looking for something different to bring to your yoga studio's potluck? Try this vegan Beet Black Bean Dip from Jenné Claiborne of Sweet Potato Soul and the 21-Day Vegan Blueprint. It’s simple, easy and a deliciously healthy way to add flavor to wraps, crudités, sandwiches and salads.

Save $200 on the Earth Yoga NYC Fall 200-Hour Teacher Training

Local Events - NYC

Time is running out to enroll in the Earth Yoga 200-Hour Fall Teacher Training. It’s time to go back to school to embark on a career as a yoga teacher.

Led by Andrea Borrero and Matt Giordano, this training is designed for the modern yoga world and aims to help you become a modern yoga teacher (while also giving you a deep understanding of asana, adjustments and ancient yoga philosophy).

Supporting your chakras with essential oils

Yoga Lifestyle by Charlynn Avery

In honor of National Yoga Month, alignyo is proud to present a series on using aromatherapy and essential oils to balance the chakras from Aura Cacia aromatherapist Charlynn Avery. Each week, Charlynn will focus on one of the seven chakras and discuss specific essential oils and aromatherapy treatments that can help balance these energy centers of the body.

Music for your yoga lifestyle: EarthRise SoundSystem's Rock Beats Paper album

What’s Hot

If you love the world beats and infectious rhythms of our alignyo playlists from DJ Derek Beres, you’ll love the new EarthRise SoundSystem album, Rock Beats Paper.

City Salutations: Free yoga with Seane Corn and DJ Drez this Sunday

Local Events - NYC

New York yogis, there’s a free yoga event taking place this Sunday, September 8, in Brooklyn that you don’t want to miss. Flavorpill is partnering with EmblemHealth to present City Salutations. This healthy series kicks off big with a yoga class led by Seane Corn and music provided by DJ Drez, as well as intro-level African dance and tai chi classes. The event takes place from 2-6pm in Brooklyn Bridge Park.

4 detoxifying yoga poses


Feeling a little bloated after Labor Day weekend? Now that it's September and officially National Yoga Month, we thought it was fitting to share yoga poses that help you clear out toxins and get back on track. Yoga is a perfect way to cleanse your body of impurities as stretching your muscles in yoga helps your body's elimination systems - circulatory, digestive, and lymph systems - do their jobs more efficiently. Twisting postures are particularly cleansing; after compressing your organs, they are fed fresh blood and oxygen.  

The 11 best yoga studios in Los Angeles

Local Events - LA

It’s no surprise that we love the LA yoga scene. With the amazing teachers, awesome classes and welcome community found across town, we think it’s one of the best cities in the world for yogis. But which studios are the best of the best?

Sweetgreen: Revolutionary fast food

Local Events - NYC

Finding healthy, organic, local and sustainable food in NYC just got easier thanks to the new Sweetgreen at the NoMad hotel in Manhattan.

Are yoga and meditation the future of football?

What’s Hot
NFL Coach Pete Carroll's dream has been to change the way football players are coached. Despite their outstanding athletic talent, he has experienced throughout his lengthy career that players often don't perform as well on the field as they could. In addition to injury, they're stressed and depressed and neglect many aspects of their health, especially their mental health.

Labor Day veggie burger recipe

Recipes by Purely Elizabeth

Planning the perfect picnic or a cool bbq to send summer off this weekend? Check out this yummy veggie burger recipe from Purely Elizabeth’s healthy Labor Day menu

Would you get a Vitamin B shot?


While you may have dreaded getting shots from the doctor as a kid, would you voluntarily get one today if you were promised increased energy and less stress? Today wellness warriors are choosing to get shots of Vitamin B for the health benefits they provide. The potent B vitamins balance hormones, boost the immune system and combat stress. Filling your body with more Vitamin B also can improve your quality of sleep as well as cholesterol levels. Because these shots contain compounds known to increase fat metabolism, they can also aid in weight loss.