July 2013

The newest yoga fashion trend?

Yoga Lifestyle

Off the mat, on to the runway?

This weekend, LA yoga teacher Clio Manuelian posted this photo and caption on Facebook:

“The yoga strap breaks thru to fashion #‎offthemat ‪#‎ontotherunway”

She made the observation from a mannequin at Equinox in Los Angeles. Do you think it’s an merging fashion trend? Or…? 

4 benefits of antigravity yoga

Yoga Lifestyle

Have you ever tried antigravity yoga? It is gaining popularity not only because it is a fun and unique way to practice, but also because it is extremely beneficial for your body and mind. Although it may seem like yoga for thrill-seekers, antigravity yoga - sometimes called aerial yoga - is actually quite restorative. Here are just some of the benefits.  

NYC: Backyard yoga and vegan cooking class workshop

Local Events - NYC by Sarah Miller

Check it out New York Yogis and Foodies.

Been considering going vegan, or testing the waters, or are vegan and looking for some new quick and easy summer recipes and tips, followed by an incredible yoga session in a beautiful, zen Upper West side backyard?

Awesome. We’ve got the perfect event for you then.

4 tips for getting into Shoulder Stand


Shoulder stand is an extremely beneficial pose. It stretches the back of your neck as well as your upper back and because it is an inversion, it regulates your metabolism and improves circulation. But many yogis struggle with proper alignment in this posture. Here are some tips that can help.


Be sure to practice poses that stretch the back, neck, and shoulders beforehand so that you are properly warmed up. Never go into this pose cold.  

Take the Black Dog Yoga Summer Challenge

Local Events - LA

Need a motivator to get your asana to class this August? Black Dog Yoga (Locals' Choice winner for best yoga studio in the Valley in this month's issue of Ventura Blvd Magazine) is doing a Summer Yoga Challenge from August 1 to 31. You can sign up on the challenge board the lobby of this Sherman Oaks studio, and then take as many classes as you can throughout the month of August. Note: Only one class counts per day. Here are the details per Black Dog:   

Take 26 classes to qualify for the Grand Prize:

How yoga can help keep kids in school and save the US trillions

What’s Hot

You’ll want to read this article and share it with all your yogi friends. Forbes writer Alice G. Walton discusses how yoga can save the U.S. trillions of dollars by offering yoga and meditation programs in schools can help children deal with extreme stress, abuse and trauma, ultimately helping them become successful adults.

Escape your city with one of these easy day trips

General by Greatist.com

If you haven’t hit the road this summer for an epic road trip yet, there’s still time. Greatist has compiled a list of drivable healthy and fun places for 11 cities, so no matter if you call Chicago, Boston or San Francsico home, they’ve got suggestions for ways you can hit the road, have fun, stay fit and make some awesome summer memories.

18 foods with a bad rap


Our pals at Blisstree discovered a slideshow of 18 foods with a bad rap on Livestrong. We agree that most of these foods have a bad rap they don’t deserve (potatoes and avocadoes can do no wrong in our book), but we had no idea that a few of the others had a bad rap.

Ashley Turner's Sacred Sex video + Urban Priestess Workshop

Local Events - LA

Yoga goddess Ashley Turner has a vlog called “Sacred Sex: How to Improve Your Sex Life” and we just have to share it with you. She gives yogic tools to help you transition from having sex to making love. Want to gleam more wisdom from Ashley? She’s has an upcoming Urban Priestess workshop at Exhale in Venice Beach.

4 restorative yoga poses to help you relax and cool off


Had a crazy day that the summer heat made even more unbearable? Cool off and chill out with these four restorative poses you can do at home. Hold each posture for 3-5 minutes and feel your stress melt away.  

Supported fish pose  

Fold a beach towel in half and roll up so that it becomes about the size of a yoga block. Lie flat on the floor and slide the towel lengthwise between your shoulder blades. Relax your head back and open your chest. If this position isn't comfortable for your head, place another rolled-up towel underneath your head. 

Shop the Cozy Orange summer sale


What’s hotter than a heated vinyasa flow class? The Cozy Orange Summer Sale. From July 25-28, Cozy Orange takes 15% off their collection of stylish high-performance and eco-friendly yoga tops and bottoms. Update your workout wardrobe with yoga clothes that feel good, look good and do good from Cozy Orange. It's the yoga sale of the summer and we've got the details below.

Why you don’t want to miss the yoga sale of the summer:

Tea time: DIY iced green tea with ginger and honey

Recipes by Liz Eustace

When you want a little caffeine kick on a hot summer’s day, try making your own Iced Green Tea at home for a healthier way to energize.  

Green tea might just be the most ancient form of green juice there is. Those little leaves not only have awesome antioxidants that our bodies thrive on, but it is also a natural anti-inflammatory, aids in weight loss and supports heart health. Here is a taste-bud rockin’ summer version of this power tea that will leave you feeling energized, rev up your metabolism, and soothe any tummy troubles. 

8 reasons why the number 108 is important to yoga


Have you ever wondered why yogis practice 108 sun salutations at the turn of the season? What is so special about this number?  

108 is believed to be sacred because it is the number of so many principles in the yogic tradition. Here are just eight of the 108 reasons that the number 108 is important to yogis and spiritually significant cultures around the world.  

1. There are 54 letters in the Sanskrit alphabet; because each has a masculine and feminine form there are a total of 108.  

LA's best outdoor yoga classes

Local Events - LA

We came across this roundup of LA’s Top 6 Outdoor Yoga Classes. Being that it is summer and all, we didn’t want to keep it to ourselves. From an AM practice with awe-inspiring views of our city to a class at sunset on the beach – there’s something for every yogi at any level. Did your favorite alfresco yoga class in Los Angeles make the cut? Ours did.

5 celebrity yogis to follow on Twitter


You know that excitement you feel when you find one of your favorite yoga studios or yoga teachers on Twitter only to find out their tweets are infrequent and impersonal? Well, not these yogis! If you're not following these celebrity yogis - or as we like to call them, "yogalebrities" - you're missing out. These five not only share what they're up to (making yoga DVDs, teaching at yoga festivals, traveling the world) but inspiration for living your best life.

4 tips for mastering your dream yoga pose


We all have those yoga poses we dream of mastering. Whether it’s scorpion pose or a more restful savasana, we imagine gracefully moving into these poses with ease and fluidity. But when they elude us, the ego can quickly get in the way and make us frustrated.

Here are four tips on how to find a balance between working towards your yoga goal while still listening to and appreciating your body.

Demi Moore & Rumer Willis attend Kundalini yoga retreat

What’s Hot

For the past month, anytime we run into our friends who are Kundalini devotees, they mention that they went to the White Tantric yoga event. What’s that, you ask? Well, it’s a Kundalini yoga Summer Solstice event in the Jemez Mountains in New Mexico where yogis spend three days practicing White Tantric Meditation, which is said to “cut through the blocks that are stuck in the subconscious mind.”

Healthy benefits of blueberries + vegan blueberry granola crisp recipe

Recipes by Purely Elizabeth

In the summer, we live on blueberries. We put them in salads, smoothies, dessert, muddle them in sparkling water and well, we could go on. July is national blueberry month and the tiny, tart and sweet berry is currently at its peak right now, so we thought we’d share this blog post on all the healthy benefits of blueberries (plus a few amazing recipes) from Purely Elizabeth.

Super thoughts: 5 ways to empower your thinking


Do you believe in the power of positive thinking but sometimes have a problem keeping your thoughts positive? We do too, which is why we love this blog on Super Thoughts: 5 Ways to Make Yours Empowering by Dawn Glick for Intent.

lululemon celebrates 10 years in Los Angeles

Local Events - LA

A decade ago Santa Monica became the home of lululemon athletica’s first store in the U.S. To celebrate, they’re hosting a 10-year anniversary “sweatfest” this Saturday, July 27 at Santa Monica Pier. Choose from the following:

8 a.m. (7:30 a.m. check-in) 5k Fun Run

Meet at the Santa Monica Pier Event Deck

All levels welcome

9 a.m. to 11 a.m. Yoga on the Santa Monica Pier

Flow with LA lululemon ambassadors:

3 yoga podcasts you should listen to now

General by Ally Garner

If you're interested in furthering your practice, adding another component to your yoga routine or simply tired of your music and need something new to help you stay motivated, podcasts may well be your answer. Available through iTunes or Google Listen (for Android users) and generally free, podcasts are a great resource on a variety of topics, including yoga! There are two camps of yoga podcasts: those that are primarily instructional and those that discuss yoga topics in a more general and conversational way. 

alignyo's guide to yoga terms, part 5: more yoga styles

Yoga Terms

As we mentioned in our last guide to yoga terms post, there are many, many styles of yoga. If you think the styles of yoga are vinyasa, hatha and hot, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. There are many, many styles of yoga and in this week’s alignyo’s guide to yoga terms, we’re focusing on the names and meanings of a few of the styles we didn’t get to in our last post. Just remember, this is just a basic guide to get you familiar with the wide world of yoga. We encourage you to try a variety of styles and teachers to find the one that resonates best with you.  

What the color of your yoga mat says about you

Yoga Lifestyle

Did you know the color of your yoga mat can say a lot about your personality? We found this interesting blog from Yoga Yoga Everywhere on what your mat color can say about you. It’s also got a suggestion for poses you might enjoy based on your color choice/personality traits.

20 ridiculous things yoga teachers say


Buzzfeed’s 20 Ludicrous Things Yoga Teachers Say made us laugh out loud. Honestly, we’ve taken a few yoga classes where the instructor’s cues made us raise an eyebrow. Spiral your butt cheeks? Juice your spine? Um, okay.

10 things not to eat at the beach


Heading out for a long day at the beach and trying to decide what you should bring to eat? Check out this list of the 10 worst beach foods from our friends at Blisstree. Some of the items are hilariously obvious (um, hello deviled eggs), but other easily transportable snacks, like chips, also make the list.

Once I brought a bag of salt and vinegar chips to the beach. It was one of the worst snack experiences I’ve ever had.

Free YogaWorks classes in Santa Monica

Local Events - LA

YogaWorks partnered with activewear brand Lorna Jane to offer free yoga sessions at the brand's SaMo location (395 Santa Monica Place) this month. This past weekend kicked off the first of three free 60-minute classes taught by YW teachers. There will be classes on the next two Sundays of the month (July 21st and 28th) from 9:30 to 10:30am.

Street Yoga NYC teacher training

Local Events - NYC

You’ve seen some pretty powerful transformations happen because of yoga, now just imagine if the people who need it most—youth and families affected by homelessness, poverty, abuse and mental health issues—had access to the healing power of yoga. Epic, right? Register for the Street Yoga Teacher Training and spend the weekend learning how to make a positive impact in your community. 

New Hollywood yoga studio

Local Events - LA

The Hollywood yoga scene is blowing up. New to the Hollywood lineup of studios is Hollywood Power Yoga. We haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, but based on the 16 five star reviews the studio has on yelp, we’re pretty certain that when we do, we are in for a treat. Hollywood Power Yoga, opened by four yoga teachers, describe the studio as: “your sanctuary in the city founded on an amalgam of eastern yogic practice philosophies and western physical fitness.

No-bake raw vegan peach cobbler recipe

Recipes by Jenne Claiborne

Too hot to turn on the oven but craving a healthy sweet treat? Try this no-bake raw vegan peach cobbler recipe from Sweet Potato Soul.

3 ways to tap into the power of relationships


To truly be successful, we need the support, creativity and understanding of others. Read this blog written by Dr. Darlene Mininni for Intent.com on how and why it’s important to tap into the magic of relationships.

I’ve always been a big believer in what I learned in school: Work hard. Try your best. You’ll succeed.

But that equation left out something really important: Other people.

Easy veggie rice & beans recipe

Recipes by Greatist.com

Need a quick post-yoga dinner recipe? Try this simple Veggie Rice & Beans dish from Glow Kitchen for Greatist. We suggest adding a bit of steamed or sautéed kale on those days when you don’t eat enough greens.

Vanessa Hudgens spotted doing yoga in LA again

What’s Hot

Vanessa Hudgens appears to be on a yoga kick since she was recently spotted a few times leaving a studio in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Studio City. We’re fairly certain that the 24-year-old actress has been frequenting Yoga Shelter – our go-to place when we want a rocking vinyasa flow class.

6 ways to boost your energy for yoga

General by Sarah Miller

You love the feeling you get when you step on to your mat, but there are those times when getting to the mat is the hardest part of class; you crave the post-yoga zen, but the last thing on earth you want to do is drag out your mat and bend, twist, lunge, and flow. You are exhausted, sluggish, bloated, etc. We’ve all been there. But these are often the times when getting to your mat can be the most rewarding, spiritually and physically. Here are 6 ways you can rev yourself up to get on to the mat, and let your soul do the rest.

Energizing essential oils for yoga

General by Charlynn Avery

Need an energy boost before you hit the mat? Try taking a whiff of one of these energizing essential oils before you head to yoga.

While yoga brings to mind peace, health and relaxation for many, not all practices are about relaxation. Sometimes you need a boost in energy to keep up with an active vinyasa flow, or you may need a motivator to just to get you to class. If that is the case, essential oils are an easy solution to your energy needs.  

Eric Paskel: Embracing the pain of change

General by Eric Paskel

In the latest blog from Yoga Shelter founder Eric Paskel, he gets into the pain of change and why we need that pain to experience change, truth and freedom.

I remember reading a story years ago about a man falling from a cliff and asking for God's help. God actually answers, but the man does not like the answer. So he asks again, and once again he receives the same unwanted response. Then he asks if there is "anyone else up there"?

LA: Local casting call for yoga film

Local Events - LA

We were practicing at Black Dog Yoga on Friday and saw a flyer in the dressing room getting us hip to the following: There’s an open casting call for a film called “The Yogi” on Tuesday, July 16 from 11:15am to 1:30pm at The Green Yogi in Manhattan Beach, and then one from 2:30pm to 5pm at Black Dog Yoga in Sherman Oaks.

Is hot yoga safe? New research says yes

What’s Hot

While some of us might feel that summer is always too hot for a hot yoga class, new research suggests otherwise. In a recent study conducted by the American Council on Exercise, scientists found that doing hot yoga is safe.  

8 keys to free yourself from bullying and attract people who respect you


While the anti-bullying movement mostly targets children and teens, unfortunately, adults can experience bullying, too. Maybe you have a family member who is very critical, a friend who never has anything good to say or a co-worker who can be downright mean. Whatever the situation, try these 8 steps to free yourself from bullying and attract more positive, respectful people in your life from Intent.com. 

How to breathe for every type of exercise

General by Greatist.com

We yogis know the importance of the breathe, but if you try to use ujjayi breathing while going on a run, you might find it difficult to log those miles. Check out this informative article from Greatist on how to breathe for every type of exercise. And yes, there’s even tips for how to breathe while doing yoga. 

10 watermelon recipes


We have to agree with our pals at Blisstree: Watermelon is the fruit of summer. Try one of these hydrating, sweet and delicious recipes (watermelon jicama salad? Yes, please!) to feel refreshed on a hot summer’s day or to help boost hydration after yoga class.

See the slideshow of tasty watermelon recipes here.

Chilled coconut cashew carrot curry

Recipes by Sarah Miller

Looking for a unique healthy summer recipe? Try this vegan and gluten-free Coconut Cashew Carrot Curry.

Is it okay to drink coffee before yoga?

Yoga Lifestyle

Have you ever seen someone bring a to-go cup of coffee into an early morning yoga class and set it down next to their mat? Are YOU that yogi? Some yogis drink coffee before they practice and many people do it to gear up for a workout, but is it a good idea? 

Don't miss Yogala Echo Park's Sound Bath

Local Events - LA

On Sunday, July 21st, 2013, Jamie Bechtold Ford is hosting a Sound Bath from 7:30-8:25pm ($22) at Yogala Echo Park. All you have to do is relax let the healing vibrations of the singing bowls and gongs wash over you. It sounds like a wonderful way to ease into the week, no? Sound helps:

Join Erica Mather for a yoga day escape up the Hudson River

Local Events - NYC

For years, we've been huge fans of Erica Mather. Recently, we had the opportunity to sit down with Erica's mentor Ana Forrest (video coming soon) and were blown away by the depth and logic of the Forrest teaching lineage. Erica embodies all of this; she is wise, funny and deeply knowledgeable. Forrest yoga has the power to transform and if you're in to that type of thing, Erica is offering us New Yorkers the perfect getaway: a day escape up the Hudson River for a mini-retreat. 

Try a live online private yoga session with MyBod Wellness

General by Maya Henderson

We’ve always been quite intimidated by the idea of doing private yoga sessions, whether it was for financial reasons or insecurities about our practice (we admit: we sometimes catch ourselves not activating our legs in downward dog), but we also hate missing our favorite yoga classes because of a hectic schedule. So when Denise Posnak of MyBod Wellness approached us about doing a private yoga session via Skype, we jumped at the chance.

Aligning your yoga and your diet

Yoga Lifestyle by Sarah Miller

Try following these easy tips to align your yoga and your diet to help you get over any food hurdles and make better food choices to look and feel your best on and off the mat.

A yoga festival by the sea


Looking for something epic to do this weekend? Attend one of the stellar yoga fests happening on the East Coast this summer: the second annual Nantucket Yoga Festival. Taking place July 12-14, the festival will consist of classes, workshops, and a vendor marketplace all held on Nantucket Island’s oldest and largest family-owned farm, Bartlett’s Ocean View.

alignyo's guide to yoga terms, part 4: styles of yoga

Yoga Terms

alignyo’s guide to yoga terms is back and this week, we’re focusing on the names and meanings behind some of the most popular styles of yoga. If you’re new to yoga or perhaps have only attended the same class for quite some time, you’ll find this section of our yoga definitions particularly helpful. One of the (many) beautiful things about yoga is that there are almost as many styles as there are flavors of ice cream, so check back soon for another installment with more definitions of popular yoga styles. 

We know Victoria's secret...yoga!

What’s Hot

While supermodels are undeniably blessed with good genes, we know their secret…yoga. Victoria's Secret Angel, Alessandra Ambrosio, was spotted heading to a yoga class in Los Angeles last week. The 32-year-old Brazilian model was sporting monochromatic yoga gear, and was clutching what appears to be not one, but two cell phones in her hand as she made her way to her workout.

Yoga camp for kids: Cool idea or inappropriate?


From the recent debate over whether yoga should be taught in schools, it is clear that parents have different opinions as to whether kids should be practicing yoga or not. Yoga provides a space for children to get to know their bodies, have fun in a non-competitive environment, and learn to relax. But some parents see the spirituality involved with yoga as being inappropriate for kids and worry that yoga is pushing religious beliefs that they do not support.

5 simple ways to start cooking healthy at home


Cooking at home ensures you are 100% aware of what is going into your body. Nowadays, that’s a hard guarantee to make. We all wish we had the time and skill to do so, but never seem to find it. But honestly, it’s actually quite simple, and way more fun than ordering off of a menu. Here are five simple steps to start cooking healthy at home.

Post-Independence Day yoga detox

Local Events - LA

Confession: We had a debaucherous 4th of July. Therefore, we felt the need for a detoxifying yoga session over the weekend. We’re not usually a big fan of hot yoga (especially in the summer); however, we wanted a guarantee that we would sweat it out, so we went to Hot 8 Yoga in Beverly Hills on Saturday, July 6th and did just that.

I.AM.YOU yoga abs series, part 3


If you’ve been following the I.AM.YOU. ab-tastic series, we hope your core is feeling stronger. Grab your block and put your new muscles to the test with this final exercise from Lauren Imparato (check out part 1 and part 2).

The 26 best places to camp in the U.S.

General by Greatist.com

We admit that we are city yogis though and though, but after going on a yoga hike in San Francisco this past winter, we decided to make more time to get out of the city to explore the great outdoors this summer. Thanks to this list of the 26 best places to camp in the United States from Greatist in honor of National Camp Week, we now have a dream campsite in mind.

6 tips to balancing your life like a boss

Yoga Lifestyle

Do you ever feel like everyone around you seems to have everything under control and a perfect, balanced life? You’re not alone. Check out these 6 tips to balancing your life like a boss from our friends at Intent.com.

As an entrepreneur with two young daughters and who holds family time as sacred time, runs a small tech-firm by day and, by night, works passionately building a second venture with a mission to empower others, I am constantly being asked, “How the heck do you balance it all?”

Get fearless at Abhaya Yoga in Brooklyn

Local Events - NYC

We hope you all had a great 4th and that the fireworks on the Hudson inspired you. If you're looking for a little inspiration to get back to your practice, read our interview with Tara Glazier, co-owner of Abhaya Yoga in Brooklyn. If the mood strikes, check out a "hatha-inspired, anusara and vinyasa-infused" class with Tara or any of the talented teachers at Abhaya. Be fearless and get on your mat.

Get free: Watch this liberating pranayama breathwork video


In honor of Independence Day, we'd like to offer you a gift: Your breath. It's your oft-forgotten set of lungs that will set you free.

I.AM.YOU yoga abs series, part 2


Love it or hate it, there really is no better yoga pose than plank for targeting your entire core, back and arms. So we weren’t too surprised to see that this video from the I.AM.YOU ab-tastic series (see part one here) with Lauren Imparato features plank pose. It’s a tough one, but Lauren says if you “try it everyday, you’ll see a difference in a week – that’s an I.AM.YOU.

Los Angeles punk/grunge bar-turned-yoga studio

Local Events - LA

Legendary punk rock and grunge bands like Nirvana and Red Hot Chili Peppers played at Al’s Bar in the '80s and '90s. The bar closed in 2001, but guess what the new incarnation of the space is now? A yoga studio/theater. Yup. “The Archway Studio/Theatre occupies the space that Al's once did, offering yoga classes instead of draft beer,” said the LA Times. If those walls could talk… We wonder if the yoga teachers DJ the classes in a way that pays homage to the music legends who graced the space there.

4 liberating yoga poses


What makes you feel most free? Yoga does the trick for us and we've rounded some of our favorite liberating yoga poses. They feel so freeing because they open the front of the body, including the heart. Challenge yourself to create your own at-home practice and incorporate these poses into your sequence (listen to our mixtape to get into the groove).

Encinitas yoga in schools lawsuit reaches a verdict

What’s Hot

As you may remember, some parents of children in Encinitas, CA were outraged last fall to discover that yoga was being taught to their children as part of the school's wellness program. They felt that in teaching yoga to their children twice a week for 30 minutes the school was pushing Eastern religious practices upon the students. 

Tara Glazier: From ballerina to yogini


So, what brings you to the mat? For Abhaya Yoga studio owner Tara Glazier it was a devastating injury that ended her career as a professional dancer. Find out more about Tara’s story below and email us here to share your yoga story with us.

Celebrity nutritionist Kimberly Snyder has a killer yoga practice

Local Events - LA

While taking Janice Cadwell’s Jivamukti-inspired flow class at Liberation Yoga (who’s an amazing teacher, BTW), we couldn’t help but notice a gorgeous woman in the back corner. She had a beautiful practice and was seemingly effortlessly taking the advanced variation of every pose. After class, Cadwell outed the star student by giving her juice shop, Glow, a plug. The student was Los Angeles-based celeb nutritionist, Kimberly Snyder.

alignyo at Wanderlust Vermont

What’s Hot

Team alignyo headed to Wanderlust Vermont to grab great video footage and a few interviews with amazing yoga teachers. We retuned home with so much more. We asked people to share their stories of why they did yoga and what yoga had brought into their life and were utterly blown away by the honest, open and real answers. We’ll be sharing more videos, including interviews with Ana Forrest, MC Yogi and Elena Brower, soon.

Grilled watermelon and pineapple salad

Recipes by Jenne Claiborne

Looking for a unique dish for you next barbecue? Fire up the grill and make this Grilled Watermelon and Pineapple Salad from Jenné Claiborne of Sweet Potato Soul.

Fruit likes to be marinated and grilled too! Try this recipe for Grilled Watermelon and Pineapple Salad with Lemon Basil Vinaigrette. Grilling the fruit caramelizes the sugars and seals in all of the juicy goodness. Lemon basil vinaigrette adds an exciting kick to an already stellar salad. 

Benefits of patchouli + Grounding foot massage oil recipe

Yoga Lifestyle by Charlynn Avery

Did you know patchouli is a great essential oil for creating peace and calm? Aromatherapist Charlynn Avery explains the healing benefits of patchouli and shares an easy recipe for a DIY all-natural foot scrub using essential oils.