December 2012

A procrastinator's guide to NYE LA yoga classes

Local Events - LA by Molly Nourmand

For the planners out there, we did a blog last week on NYE yoga parties in LA. And now for the procrastinators… This is by no means an exhaustive list, but simply a roundup of NYE and New Year's Day LA yoga studios that are on our radar. Cheers to more love and more yoga in 2013!

New Years Eve: Monday, December 31, 2012

9:00 -10:25am: Easing into the New Year with Carmen Guerrero at InYoga Center in Valley Village.

New Year's event at Land Yoga in Harlem

Local Events - NYC by Allison Richard

Join Harlem studio owner Lara Land at Land Yoga for a 10PM candle lit led Ashtanga class, followed by a heart opening meditation and topped off with a New Years toast at midnight. Register here.

More reasons to join the Jivamukti tribe gathering

Local Events - NYC

Join Jivamukti founders Sharon Gannon and David Life as they celebrate yoga at the Jivamukti annual tribe gathering December 31, 2012 to January 5, 2013. Get your burning questions answered during a Satsang Q&A with Sharon and David, nourish your belly with vegan fare and enjoy a screening of the activism documentary, I AM. New to Jivamukti or been away for more than 6 months? Mention alignyo and get a free class.

January 2013 LA yoga happenings

Local Events - LA by Molly Nourmand

New year = new you, right? We all vow to eat healthier, do more yoga, and be better people, but our follow through is generally pretty lousy, no? So here is a workshop, an intensive and a master class (oh, my!) that will help you kick off and maybe stick to your healthy resolutions:

Flow into 2013 at the Yoga Room

Local Events - NYC by Allison Richard

Join The Yoga Room in Astoria for their second annual New Year's Eve warm candlelight & sacred music vinyasa flow led by Sigrid from 11:15pm-12:30am. Class will be followed by a champagne toast and snacks. Part of the proceeds from the $30 cost of the event will go to the Sandy Hook School Support Fund. Sign up here

Steps to embodying a vibrant life

General by Elephant Journal

em·bod·y (verb): 1. Be an expression of or give a tangible or visible form to (an idea, quality or feeling). 2. Provide (a spirit) with a physical form.

In a recent survey, a unanimous vote was cast for the average lifespan of a New Year’s resolution to be “two weeks or less.”

Laughing Lotus New Years Eve event

Local Events - NYC by Allison Richard

Bring in 2013 at Laughing Lotus NYC with a 2-hour ecstatic yoga practice and music celebration from 10pm-midnight. The all-levels class will be led by Mary Dana Abbott with DJ Bryan Black providing the soundtrack for the night. After class set your intentions for the new year while enjoying cake and Kombucha while the clock strikes 12.
Cost is $40 in advance or $50 at the door.

Russell Brand buys his yoga teacher a car

What’s Hot by Molly Nourmand

Earlier this month in our "Hottest yoga news of 2012,"  alignyo crowned actor Russell Brand "The yoga celebrity of the year." Why, you ask? Well, he is constantly making headlines for yoga-related news.

How to make a better vegetable soup

General by Ecorazzi

Here in the northeast, it is warm soup time, and with the abundance of autumn vegetables, sweet squash and tree fruits, the possibilities for exciting recipes ignite the imagination. The essential ingredients for making great soup may vary from culture to culture, but they each work magic in very simple ways. Slow cooking yields the best results, while soup pots, as well as quality ingredients, can make the difference between a great or a mediocre soup.

1. Soup Pots

Jane Fonda releases new yoga DVD for baby boomers

What’s Hot by Molly Nourmand

The LA Times just did an interview with Jane Fonda where she discussed her new DVD, Jane Fonda: Prime Time AM/PM Yoga for Beginners. This 74-year-old recently released this DVD, which is the sixth in a series of yoga@home for baby boomers who want to grow old gracefully – and flexibly.

Steps to attracting what you want in 2013

General by April Martucci

As we enter into the New Year, first examine what you’ve already attracted through your own thoughts; we create our own reality after all. Keep what you want, practice letting go of what you don’t, and then imagine the future exactly how you want it.

In the beginning of 2103, the real work is to decide what you specifically want, and then stay focused upon it.

5 Excellent Vegan Sources of Iron

General by Ethical Ocean

I pride myself on living healthily. Yes, I love, love, love wine and ice cream, but I generally eat well and exercise regularly. When I cut meat and dairy from my diet, I became more conscientious about nutrition, making sure I was replacing the vitamins and nutrients I gained from animal products in the past.

Juice cleanse + detoxifying yoga reboot at Black Dog Yoga

Local Events - LA by Molly Nourmand

We know you're probably still in the throes of holiday debauchery, but come January you'll to be ready to hit the mat and get healthy again. Starting on Sunday, January 13th at 8am, Black Dog Yoga's Sigrid Mathews is heading up three days of detoxifying yoga classes coupled with cleansing juices from the Pressed Juicery. The cost? Seven yoga classes + three days of juice = $275 (or $220 for students with a series at Black Dog). Want just the juice?

Happy holidays from alignyo


We just wanted to take a moment to share our sincerest appreciation for you, dear reader. You help us stay passionate about spreading the joys of yoga and the reason we come to our mats with inspiration. No matter what holiday you celebrate, we hope you spend today surrounded by those you love, sharing laughter, food and gratitude. We wish you health, happiness and more yoga in 2013.

Namaste, alignyo

The Jivamukti Tribe Gathering 2013

Local Events - NYC

Join Jivamukti founders Sharon Gannon and David Life as they celebrate yoga and activism to welcome the new year at the Jivamukti annual tribe gathering December 31, 2012 to January 5, 2013. In addition to classes with the masters, you can ring in the New Year yoga-style and also become part of their community action program. New to Jivamukti or been away for more than 6 months?

New Year's Eve yoga parties in LA

Local Events by Molly Nourmand

If you're over the whole champagne-toast-at-midnight thing, then maybe you want to mix it up with a more yogic New Year's Eve. Best part? You will start 2013 sans hangover. Here is a roundup of a few alternative NYE events in Los Angeles. But don't get all flakey and indecisive because these events just might fill up:

Rules to live by via the Dalai Lama

General by Elephant Journal

Words from the Wise.

adapted directly from the teachings of His Holiness the Dalai Lama

1. Take into account that great love and great achievements involve great risk.

2. When you lose, don’t lose the lesson.

3. Follow the three Rs: Respect for self, Respect for others, Responsibility for all your actions.

4. Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck.

New Year's Eve at Reflections Studio

Local Events - NYC by Allison Richard

Join Reflections Studio owner Paula Tursi for a special New Years Eve event to consciously set your path for 2013. Arrive at 9pm for light bites, enjoy a gentle yoga, breath, and meditation class focused on connecting with your highest vibrations from 9:45-11:15pm followed by a Kirtan from 11:30pm-12am led by Janet and Martin Butler.

LA yoga teacher launches DVD for moms-to-be

General by Molly Nourmand

LA yoga teacher Hala Khouri, M.A. just announced the launch of her newest DVD, Radiant Pregnancy, which offers a comprehensive prenatal yoga practice for each trimester. In the DVD, Hala is pregnant with her second child as she leads you through a mindful workout coupled with deep relaxation.

Bright eyes and rosy cheeks: 4 yoga poses for better complexion

General by Jessica Bellofatto

This time of year we tend to spend many more hours of the day indoors, often contributing to a less than rosy complexion. Between the lack of fresh air, the dry heat, and the more sedentary day, we could all definitely use a bit of help to look our best.

Follow these few simple poses to increase your heart rate, improve your circulation, oxygenate your blood, and improve not only your complexion but your mood as well.


Pop Karma: popcorn for yogis

General by Allison Richard

If you’re looking for a unique holiday gift or even a fun post-yoga snack, check out Pop Karma, an organic gourmet popcorn shop on Orchard St. in the Lower East Side. Founder Jean Tsai sources certified organic popcorn and ingredients to create tasty flavors like Zen Cheddar and the always in style Classic Mediterranean. Or be festive and celebrate the season with Gingerbread Stout Caramel- sinful yet sustainably delicious.

Rock-A-Holiday Christmas Day yoga event

Local Events - NYC

Looking for a unique and memorable way to spend Christmas Day? Check out the Rock-a-Holiday project, a holiday boutique and Christmas day donation yoga class to benefit those affected by Hurricane Sandy. Created by Adi Carter, a Greenhouse Holisitic yoga teacher and surfer who was forced to evacuate her Rockaway’s home post Sandy, the holiday boutique contains donated gifts ranging from yoga classes to surf lessons, massages, jewelry and more.

5 benefits of yoga for kids

General by Lara Land

Kids yoga classes aren’t just a great way to make sure your child gets exercise. According to Lara Land, owner of Land Yoga in Harlem, children can reap the benefits of a yoga practice from a young age. Here, Lara shares five benefits of kids yoga.

Healthy activity

Children start to lose flexibility as early as 2 years of age.  Yoga for kids keeps them moving, limber, and unhindered by stiffness.

Who's the hottest LA yoga couple of 2012?

What’s Hot by Molly Nourmand

As this year comes to a screeching halt, we're dying to know  –  who's LA's hottest yoga couple of 2012?

1. Krista Cahill & Brock Cahill

2. Kia Miller & Tommy Rosen

Free Shriyoga winter solstice event

Local Events - NYC by Allison Richard

Join meditation and yoga teacher, Elizabeth Rossa of Shriyoga for a free Solstice 2012 gathering at the Madison Square Park sculpture Buckyball on Thursday, December 20th starting at 6pm. Amid the glow of 180 LED tubes that make up the Buckyball sculpture, Rossa will lead a moving meditation inspired by Kundalini Yoga set to the sounds of DJ James Healy. Stay after to celebrate with live music. 

5 suggestions for cultivating self-love


Sometimes we can all use a reminder of just how wonderful and unique we are. Love is a powerful thing and being in love with yourself, can truly be transformative. Need some guidance? Try these 5 Suggestions for Cultivating Self-Love from our friends at BeliefNet.

Making an ending a new beginning: 5 ways to move forward

General by April Martucci

In yoga we celebrate Lord Shiva, the deity of endings. He is the third part of the Hindu trinity: Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. It’s perfectly healthy to be sad when things end, however, a more spiritual perspective - once the shock of it ending starts to fade - is to realize that nothing ends without there being a new beginning, or a birth. This is why Shiva is so revered; without him, we could not continue the cycle of life.

Yoga to the People vs. Bikram

What’s Hot by Allison Richard

After more than a year of fighting, a lawsuit between Greg Gumucio of the bi-costal yoga studio franchise Yoga to the People and Bikram Choudhury has come to a settlement. Bikram sued Gumucio for teaching the classic 26-pose sequence in heated rooms. Gumucio felt compelled to initially pursue the lawsuit as he was against “the copyrighting of yoga sequences”.

Healthy baking: Easy butter and oil substitutes

General by

Whether it’s to cut calories, explore new flavors, or just make due with available ingredients, recipe substitutions are an inevitable — and fun! — part of the cooking experience. And after trying dozens and dozens of swaps over the past year or so, we’ve even come to prefer a few “replacements” to their original counterparts.

lululemon's 12/12/12 LA yoga event recap

Local Events - LA by Molly Nourmand

We went to luluelmon’s black tie yoga event on 12/12/12, and what a special night it was. First there was a vinyasa class co-taught by InYoga Center teachers Clio Manuelian and Trisha DeCesare – each bringing a complementary flavor to it. They gave us all a hand-held, faux candle to flow with, so the room was illuminated with our lights (both outer and inner).

The hottest yoga news of 2012

Hot off the mat

If you’re a fan of our Hot off the Mat features, you know that there was never a dull moment in the yoga world this year. From controversial teachers to sexy celebs singing yoga’s praises (hi there, Miranda Kerr and Adam Levine), 2012 was a big year for yoga. Read on for alignyo’s biggest yoga moments of 2012.

Discount at Bend & Bloom for alignyo readers

General by Allison Richard

Bend & Bloom Yoga in Brooklyn is offering an exclusive discount for alignyo readers.

Ways to be mindful during the holiday season

General by Elephant Journal

This holiday season, enlarge your experience of both giving and receiving in your most meaningful relationships by cultivating the same mindful attention you practice on your yoga mat.

There is no gift you could offer that will more profoundly enhance the emotional connections in your life than your focused attention, which explains why most people cannot distinguish between the experience of being deeply listened to, with being deeply loved.

Plan Ahead: Wanderlust Oahu Festival

What’s Hot

Looking for an amazing winter yoga retreat? How about a few days in Hawaii at the Wanderlust Oahu Festival? alignyo’s roving reporter Jacki Carr recently enjoyed the carefree aura of island life and yoga in Hawaii. Discovering cool locally made products that capture the island vibe was all part of the fun. Read below OR check out in person when you head to Wanderlust Oahu. 

Ways to become more present in your life


We’re reminded in every yoga class to be present, but if you’re looking for ways to be more aware off the mat, this article from BeliefNet, Ways to Become More Present in Your Life, is for you.

You’ll find five easy tips to be more mindful while doing everything from eating, walking and even taking a shower.

Bikram Yoga East Harlem needs your help

What’s Hot by Allison Richard

Bikram Yoga East Harlem owes $45,000 to ConEd due to incorrectly calculated bills. The owners, sisters Jennifer Pope and Stephanie Pope Caffey, came up with $25,000, but the sizable bill caused them to fall behind on everything else, from paying rent to their water bill. They are currently raising money to help keep the studio from being next in a long line of African-American run businesses that have closed in East Harlem this year.

An easy guide to feeding vegan friends

General by Ethical Ocean

Despite having a degree in engineering, the physical properties of the flax seed and water “egg” are pretty incomprehensible to me. As a result, I will probably never be a very good vegan. I am, however, a long time vegetarian.

Yoga + chia power charity event

Local Events by Allison Richard

Head over to Pushcart Coffee at Peter’s Field (301 E. 21st St.) for the Yoga + Chia Power Pop Up Yoga NYC charity event on December 18th from 8:30-10pm to benefit Hurricane Sandy Relief.

A special kirtan event this weekend with Wah!

Local Events by Molly Nourmand

This Saturday, December 15Liberation Yoga hosts The Healing Concert with singer and yogini Wah! She reinvents traditional Indian music with high-energy chant concerts – this one will be a full-length concert full of meditative savasana music. BTW, her second book, The Healing Concert, is coming out in 2013 and it documents her work on touch and healing through sound.

Liberation Yoga

Reduce holiday stress with a yoga mudra

General by April Martucci

The holidays are a time for connecting with loved ones, spreading good cheer and joy, and reflecting on the year that has gone by. But if you experience stress during the holidays—especially while with loved ones—you are not alone. April Martucci of FireDragon Yoga says that even the most accomplished yoga and meditation practitioners get blind-sided this time of year. She suggests using a yoga mudra (a sacred hand symbol) as an easy way to keep calm so you can actually enjoy spending the holidays with family.

Why your body needs protein

General by YogaEarth

Like kindling in a fireplace, protein is best known for its ability to ignite your energetic fire. Yes, It provides the energy your body needs to carry out daily tasks, which is why it’s great to reach for a protein bar or shake when you’re low on energy. However, did you know that protein is also essential to maintain the collagen in your skin and the fluid levels throughout your body?

Land Yoga holiday party and art event

Local Events

Land Yoga, the Ashtanga-based studio in Harlem, is having a free holiday party and art opening on Friday, December 14 at 7:30pm. Blogger Ina Kota will provide complimentary vegetarian bites while Harlem Skin Clinic owner Seven Brown will offer sample skin treatments.

Quotes for a peace of mind


Could you use a little serenity right now? Take a deep breath and read these Quotes for a Peace of Mind over on Beliefnet.

A few of our favorites:

“Peace begins with a smile.” – Mother Theresa

“One isn't necessarily born with courage, but one is born with potential. Without courage, we cannot practice any other virtue with consistency. We can't be kind, true, merciful, generous, or honest.” -Maya Angelou

Easy ways you can meditate every day

General by

Ready to get Zen? Meditation can do way more than people think — and it’s not just for hippies. Practicing meditation regularly has legitimate health advantages, especially for the brain.

East Yoga fire update

General by Allison Richard

Today is the last day to donate to the East Yoga Fundraising project through Luck Ant. They are a little over halfway to their goal of raising $10,000 to help rebuild the space that burned shortly after Hurricane Sandy. Donating will not only help them reach their goal, but will also get you classes to use when the studio reopens. Can’t spare any cash?

Helpful ways to get you out of a yoga rut

General by Elephant Journal

If the idea of practicing downward dog gets us downright annoyed, then maybe it’s time to step away from our mat.

We’ve all been there—and it’s okay. Sometimes we get sick of the practice because we need to shake it up—either in life or on our yoga mats. So here are five ways to get over those yoga blahs.

LA's yoga "it girl" could be your calendar girl

What’s Hot by Molly Nourmand

LA Yoga's "It Girl," Briohny Smyth, can now be your calendar girl. That's right. She collaborated with yoga photographer extraordinaire, Jasper Johal (remember the nude ToeSox ads of Kathryn Budig that he shot…anyone?), to create a 2013 yoga calendar.

Win a $750 eco shopping spree


Here’s our holiday gift to you: alignyo has teamed up with Milkshake and Ethical Ocean to give away a $750 eco shopping spree to one lucky reader. This holiday season, give (and get) eco-conscious and ethical products that help make the world a better place. Looking good, feeling good and doing good has never been easier—all you need to do is enter below for your chance to win. 

Read on for more info about how to win this amazing eco prize:

Cyndi Lee's new book

General by Allison Richard

Former Om Yoga owner Cyndi Lee may have left New York, but she’s still finding ways to share her wisdom and reach her students.

The yoga room app

General by Allison Richard

Looking for a yoga class in Long Island City or Astoria? Check out the new Yoga Room app (if you're new to the studio you'll have to create an account first). While on the fly you can easily check the schedule for upcoming classes at the Yoga Room Long Island City or Astoria locations, sign in for class to guarantee your spot and even check out your purchase history or manage your profile if you have some extra time.

5 ways to stay calm & happy during the holidays

General by April Martucci

The holidays should be happy, not hectic, so alignyo asked April Martucci, the creator of Fire Dragon Yoga to share easy ways to deal with holiday stress. “Your ability to manage your stress levels is going to make all the difference,” says April. “We can pace ourselves over the next few weeks until the new year so that not only are we more appreciative of our loved ones, but we actually feel good, too.”