October 2012

Free classes at Yoga 216

Local Events

Sandy is not keeping the New York yoga community down. Recently opened Chelsea studio, Yoga 216, received a bit of superficial water damage, but that's not stopping them from keeping the doors opened. In fact, starting on Thursday, November 1st, 216 is offering a free candlelight yoga class everyday from 5-6PM with hopes to help it's community (Chelsea was hit pretty hard) renew and restore post-Sandy.

Parents protest yoga in San Diego schools

Yoga News by Molly Nourmand

Protesting against soda or chocolate milk in schools we get, but yoga – really? Parents in the Encinitas, California school system were upset about the free yoga classes being offered in the schools. Even though Tim Baird, the superintendent, assured parents that any religious aspects from the classes have been removed, the parents who protested believe Hinduism is still being pushed. Baird stated that students are simply being taught breathing techniques and poses, which can yield both physical benefits and relaxation.

Hot 8 Yoga opening in Beverly HIlls

Local Events by Molly Nourmand

Have you ever noticed that there are no yoga studios in Beverly Hills? Well, that's about to change – Hot 8 Yoga is slated to open its second location in Beverly Hills on Thursday, November 8th.

The art + science of private yoga teaching

Teacher Training

Teaching yoga privately with lasting success is something any committed yoga teacher can do, but it requires a very different skill set than teaching group classes. There are few resources to help refine these skills and the Art + Science of Private Yoga Teaching mentoring series with Francesca Cervero fills that gap!  

Good Yoga times 2

General by Allison Richard

Goodyoga, the Greenpoint urban ashram opened by Flannery Foster and Raymond Gonzolas in 2009, has recently acquired a new space to house their second location from teacher training graduate Juan Carlos. The new location, near the Pratt Institute in Cobble Hill, is already holding a full schedule of classes including flow, intro, stretch and kids classes with many pay-what-you-can options through the end of November.  

Hilary Duff spotted doing yoga in LA

What’s Hot by Molly Nourmand

Hilary Duff, 25-year-old actress and singer, was spotted leaving a yoga class in Los Angels on Sunday, October 28th. We’re curious which studio she went to… Hilary appears to be carrying a reusable bkr water bottle in the color "Crush." OMG, we have the same one!? They really are just like us. 

Hot off the mat: Waiting out the storm

Hot off the mat

While you might have been busy making your "go-bag" for Hurricane Sandy, we've been scouring the web for the latest news of all things yoga. If you’re stuck inside, this week’s Hot off the Mat helps take your mind off Sandy or whatever else might be making you a bit anxious today.

Warm up with this week's hot yoga news:

Hurricane Sandy's affect on yoga

What’s Hot by Allison Richard

The rain isn’t falling and the winds aren’t blowing yet, but New York’s yoga community is still preparing for Hurricane Sandy. Many studios, like Exhale and Sonic Yoga are offering modified schedules for those who are local. Other studios, like Sangha Yoga Shala and Laughing Lotus are closed entirely. So if you’re planning to get your yoga on over the next couple of days, check the websites or call ahead before taking on the wrath of Sandy. And be safe!


General by Molly Nourmand

Want more massage with your yoga? Then try Yoga-Atsu with Stella Cheung of YogaGals. Enjoy her undivided attention as she teaches you gentle, restorative yoga coupled with pressure point and massage techniques to help melt away stress, tension and pain. Can you say, savasana-ahhh? She is certified in teaching both yoga and Shiatsu massage. Contact Stella for her rates and availability. 

Yoga tips for runners

General by Allison Richard

Emilie Smith, avid runner and Yoga for Athletes instructor at Equinox and Reebok Sports Club, enlightens us as to why yoga is so important for runners.

Why is yoga beneficial for runners?

10 delicious granola recipes

What’s Hot

We’re always on the hunt for healthy, delicious recipes and snack ideas, and we just had to share this one. Our friends over at Purely Elizabeth produced this cool Seasonably Inspired Recipe Combo guide, which incorporates their ancient grain granola mixes into everything from soups to salads.

Movie night at Rising Lotus Yoga

Local Events by Molly Nourmand

This Friday, October 26 from 7-10pm Rising Lotus Yoga presents YOGA IS, a film about the transformational power of yoga. Take the journey along with filmmaker, yoga teacher and wellness expert, Suzanne Bryant, as she meets with the most illustrious yoga teachers and gurus in the world to find out – what YOGA IS. Plus, there will be a Q&A with Suzanne afterward. Popcorn and wine will be served.

Yoga Grounds closing its doors

Local Events by Molly Nourmand

After being open for nine years, Yoga Grounds will be closing its doors at the end of this year. Sadly, the economy has finally caught up with them, and its owner recently had to start working full-time again. If you still have classes left on your passes, please remember to use them up by the end of December.  

Free yoga + brunch

Local Events by Allison Richard

What makes a free yoga class better? NYC’s favorite meal: brunch. On October 28Williamsburg’s Sangha Yoga Shala is offering a special community Halloween yoga class Spooky Salutations and Scare(crows) where students will break down their sun salutations and the challenging crow pose during a 45-minute class and then have time to mingle and enjoy free tasty treats.

Must-see TV

Yoga News

It’s 5:15 a.m. and you really don’t want to get out of bed and go to the gym. Like, realllly don’t want to. Enter your new, convenient workout buddy – GaiamTV.com, the first online video library dedicated to a better you. Stream video directly onto your favorite mobile device, on your computer, or on your TV for motivation at your fingertips.

Yoga gives Many Hopes

Local Events by Allison Richard

Christy Maskeroni, yoga instructor and nutritionist/personal trainer at Clay, is helping bring yoga to all New Yorkers every Thursday at 7pm from October 25 thru November 15 with donation-based hour-long classes at Trinity Grace Church in East Village. 100% of the proceeds are going to Many Hopes to complete the building of a school in Kenya for those affected by poverty and exploitation.

Kids Halloween yoga party

Local Events by Molly Nourmand

Looking for something festive to do with your little ones this weekend? On Sunday, October 28th, Liberation Yoga hosts its annual Kids Halloween Yoga Party from 2-5pm. For just $5 per family, Brittany Wilkerson and Beth Peak (kids yoga teachers at Liberation) will lead yoga and games, plus there will be snacks. Costumes are encouraged – of course – and the event will take place in the garden studio. Don't have kids?

Are you a yoga mean girl?

General by Amy Gartenberg

Is your yoga class beginning to feel more and more like high school? On Tuesday, October 16th, Huffington Post published an article by Erin Motzenbecker that addressed the judgmental and competitive attitudes that can often come forth in a yoga class. "Remember that it's OK to celebrate differences and remember why you started practicing,” Motzenbecker writes.

Find your urban sanctuary

Local Events by Allison Richard

Awakening NY, a new wellness center on the Williamsburg/Greenpoint border is celebrating their grand opening by offering free movement classes- from yoga to capoeira, massages, personal consultations and organic snacks from their café at their open house this Wednesday, October 24 from 2-8pm.

A fashionABLE cause

Style by Amy Gartenberg

A cute scarf is a must for chilly fall days, so why not warm up while warming the lives of others? FashionABLE is a nonprofit organization that produces beautiful handmade Ethiopian scarves. The Ethiopian women that create the scarves use this opportunity to overcome sexual exploitation. The profits from their scarves are sent back to them and help them create better lives for themselves and their families. What’s even better?

Tara Stiles is the Heartland's Yogi

What’s Hot by Allison Richard

NYC’s rebel yogi Tara Stiles is at it again. Last Friday she debuted her new short film, Heartland Yogi, at her studio Strala Yoga. The 25-minute short feature film follows Tara as she returns to her farming hometown of Newton, Il to host a special yoga day in the town square and introduce yoga to a community who, like most small towns in America, are still trying to figure out just what yoga really is.

America's first yoga chain?

General by Amy Gartenberg

If you’re not already familiar with the CorePower Yoga logo, take a good look at it. You’ll most likely be seeing it all over your city. That’s because CPY is well on its way to becoming the country’s first big national yoga chain. With countless studios in California, Minnesota, Illinois and its home state of Colorado, we’re sure CPY will be successful. CorePower is known for it’s signature hot power, heated restorative and beginner classes and at some studios, heated spin classes using RealRyder bikes.

Get inspired by this yoga art

Local Events by Katie Librie

Looking for a way to bring a hip, cool, yoga vibe into your home? Check out the art of Craig Anthony Miller, also known as CAM. The murals and art CAM produces are a tale of strength overcoming hopelessness.

I am (yoga)woman

Local Events by Molly Nourmand

The new documentary film Yogawoman explores the global phenomenon of yoga. Female practitioners now dominate the yoga scene in the west and have helped create a multi-billion dollar industry.

Trick or treat yoga

Local Events by Allison Richard

Celebrate Halloween at East Yoga's spine-chilling two-hour vinyasa class. The Halloween class, hosted by East Yoga's Jen Whitney and Anna Greenberg on- you guessed it- October 31will include spooky candlelight to get you ready for practicing skull-shining breath, corpse pose and other festive postures. So whether you’re looking to be haunting, ghoulish, funky or fun -- just remember to choose your costume wisely! 

Thriller jam

Local Events by Molly Nourmand

We know you're guilty of imitating the moves in front of your TV, but now you can learn the choreography from the famous Michael Jackson video – from one of the original ghouls, Kim Blank. This Thriller Jam Halloween Workshop will take place at Swerve Studio (home of Yoga Booty Ballet) on Saturday, October 27th from 3-5pm. The price is $20 in advance, and $25 at the door.


General by Katie Librie

Cranberries are the tangy temptresses of fall farmers markets. Deliciously sweet and tart all at the same time, cranberries pack a taste bud explosion whether they are baked in a muffin, swimming in a bowl of steel cut oats or just as is in a trail mix. These ruby red little gems from nature offer amazing antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer health benefits. Cranberries are also an excellent source of vitamins such as C, E and K as well as a good source of dietary fiber and manganese.

Happy yogaween

DIY Fridays

From creating the perfect costume interpretation of your favorite pose to dressing up like a yogini famous for getting undressed, here are a few DIY yoga costume ideas destined to make you the star of your studio's Halloween party.

Have a happy Halloween in these fun yoga costumes:

Strike a pose

Have a pose you absolutely love? Pay ode to your asanas by creating a clever costume interpretation of your favorite pose. Here are a few suggestions to inspire you:

The pursuit of happy hips

Local Events by Katie Librie

When we practice hip openers it is like turning on a faucet in our bodies and releasing pent up stress, negative emotions and unresolved feelings. If we have been mentally or physically stagnant it manifests in our hips, our center, and spreads feelings of discomfort to the rest of our body. Our hips connect our upper and lower body as well as support our alignment for walking, sitting and standing. Keeping our hips happy and aligned have a powerful impact on how good our body feels and functions.

Exhale anxiety, inhale peace

General by Katie Librie

A big presentation? Your first half marathon? A blind date? Life is stressful. When you’re facing a big moment do you feel paralyzed by fear and anxiety? One way to ease your mind and body is breathing. Steady, even breathing stills the mind and creates an inner calm so you can focus in the moment and perform your best.

Try this basic breathing exercise for an easy way to calm the nerves anywhere, anytime.

Pumpkin power

What’s Hot by Katie Librie

Have you hopped on the pumpkin bandwagon yet? Pumpkins pack a nutritional cornucopia of vitamins and minerals in their pulp and seeds that help you look and feel great from the inside out. Pumpkins are high in carotenoids, a free radical ninja that prevents premature aging as well as promotes a healthy cardiovascular system. And the pumpkin seeds are a great source of essential fatty acids, which protect against high blood pressure, arthritis and cancer while also helping our skin stay healthy and improving our brainpower.

Yoga gets political

What’s Hot by Molly Nourmand

In case you haven't noticed, the big election is right around the corner. (CA voters: Make sure to register by October 22 if you haven't done so already.) be present, a yoga apparel company, re-released their “VOTE” tee, first introduced in 2004 when the company teamed up with LA-based yogini Tracy Columbus to create the design.


What’s Hot by Katie Librie

Yoga is powerful and anyone who practices knows firsthand the kind of changes it awakens physically, mentally and spiritually within. You may find your practice has infiltrated your way of living in the choices you make from where you shop to what you eat. With 20 million strong, yogis are a huge population with a strong voice. Become a part of shaping your community on a local and global level by supporting YogaVotes, a non-partisan organization committed to getting yogi’s to the polls this November.

Harlem Yoga's Halloween party

Local Events by Allison Richard

Every yoga class allows us a chance to morph ourselves into everything from a playful puppy to a towering tree. Have even more fun with your yoga at the Halloween Yoga Adventure hosted at Harlem Yoga on Sunday, October 28th. Whether you prefer to be a superhero or a yoga warrior, bring the whole family in your Halloween best for yoga games, tricks and treats. Bring $17 for one parent and child and $5 for each additional family member. The party begins at 1pm. Need some costume inspiration?

Cribs: Ojai style

Local Events by Molly Nourmand

Us Angelenos sure need a break from this city sometimes. The perfect antidote? Ojai – just 90 minutes north of Los Angeles. It's not too late to get some respite at the 10th annual international Ojai Yoga Crib next weekend (October 25-28). We went a few years ago and had the best time taking a ton of classes and connecting with fellow yogis.

Yoga 216: New York's newest studio

What’s Hot by Allison Richard

Last year, William Broad caused a national stir with his book The Science of Yoga when he questioned the safety of the yoga we practice. One NYC teacher, Nicole Katz, has answered that concern with the opening of her new studio Yoga 216, named after her favorite yoga Sutra. Katz and her husband, Del Posto manager Jeffrey Katz, wanted to make privates more accessible so they created a boutique studios where there are never more than 6 students in a class.

Off the mat, into the bar

General by Molly Nourmand

Need a night off your yoga mat? Mix it up with an OM Organic Mixology cocktail, now available at Whole Foods stores throughout SoCal (or get fancy and grab one at the Rooftop Bar at The Peninsula Beverly Hills). OM, a local brand, boasts the first certified-organic prepared cocktail – a sophisticated, tasty concoction of vodka, blood orange, agave nectar, and wild cranberry created by mixologist Natalie Bovis and LA-based entrepreneur Jason Monkarsh.

More free outdoor yoga

Local Events by Allison Richard

In celebration of Freelancers Medical, the new medical program through the Freelancers Union, head to Grand Army Plaza with the family on Saturday, October 20th for their wellness event. Taking place from 11am-1pm, the event will feature free yoga, healthy snacks, a chance to chat with the center's medical director and connect with NYC's finest freelancers. Bonus: fall foliage and Brooklyn Roasting Company coffee. 

Joulebody - we're cleaning up.

What’s Hot

It's true; we're pretty lucky over at alignyo. We get to work with amazing yoga teachers, studios and companies that are doing incredible things. Our editor-in-chief Liz Eustace was invited to test-drive a three-day cleanse from Joulebody Wellness and here are the many things she discovered about cleansing... and in turn, about herself.

Liz shares some of her misconceptions about cleansing:

Hot off the mat: Naked yogis, debt and religion

Hot off the mat

Your yoga doesn’t stop once you roll up the mat, and neither does the flow of noteworthy yoga news. From parental outrage over kids doing yoga in school to naked yoga classes just for men, here’s the latest news that’s hot off the mat.

What’s hotter than a Bikram class? This week’s yoga headlines:

Pretty in pink


Join yoga-inspired jewelry line Satya in the fight against breast cancer with their pink and rose-colored silk Arm Yourself wrap bracelets. 50% of the proceeds of each bracelet sold will go to Young Survival Coalition, which creates a community of support for young women battling breast cancer. 

Arm yourself

General by Allison Richard

Join yoga-inspired jewelry line Satya in the fight against breast cancer with their pink and rose-colored silk Arm Yourself wrap bracelets. 50% of the proceeds of each bracelet sold will go to Young Survival Coalition, which creates a community of support for young women battling breast cancer. 

LA's coffee evolution

General by Amy Gartenberg

LA’s first 100% vegan coffee shop and café is on its way. Restaurant owner and vegan chef, Antoanet Aburto Zolezzi, is working to open Evolution Café. While she admits that milk and coffee go very well together, she wants those milk options to be dairy-free, noting that soy, almond, and hazelnut milk are versatile, accessible and delicious. Vegan treats such as donuts, churros and empanadas are also on the proposed menu.

The Protein 411 - what every yogi should know

General by YogaEarth

Days are shorter, nights are longer and we haven't quite hit the holiday hoop-la... so why are we feeling sluggish and going into Savasana half way through class?

We might not have enough fuel in our tank.  

Sure, we grabbed a handful of almonds with Quinoa for breakfast but it turns out that proteins are complicated. 

Luckily for us, our friends at YogaEarth provide the "411 on protein" with simple suggestion of how to absorb, digest and receive the benefits of protein.

Donation yoga class to help fight eating disorders

Local Events by Molly Nourmand

Did you know anorexia has the highest mortality rate of any mental illness? Join Lady Yoga at Hot 8 Yoga on Saturday, October 20 from 1-3pm for an unheated CardiYoga donation class – the funds raised support Fight Eating Disorders (F.E.D.), an independent national humanitarian organization that provides services to those suffering from eating disorders and are unable to afford medical (out- or inpatient) support.

The Quiet Revolution

What’s Hot by Katie Librie

It seems everyone is talking about meditation. Whether they want to start, have started, should start, feel guilty about not starting, it's definitely the elephant in the yoga studio. While there is no doubt meditation has amazing benefits, it can be challenging to make time for a mental reboot. Here are some tips to get you on the path of bliss.

1.) Don’t set a time limit. If you can do 5 minutes great, if you can do 20 minutes even better. Whatever you can do is better than nothing at all.

Cigarettes and yoga?

What’s Hot by Molly Nourmand

Smoking and yoga typically don't go hand in hand, but no judgment, right? Actress Jessica Szohr of the TV show Gossip Girl showed off some of her yoga moves (wearing hot pants, a blazer and knee-high boots no less) last Thursday night outside The Pikey bar in Hollywood. The young starlet practiced her downward facing dog with a cigarette in hand – now that takes some special skills. 

Yoga events for singles and couples

Local Events by Allison Richard

The calendar may be nowhere near Valentine’s Day, but in the yoga world, October is all about your relationship. If you’re unattached, Mala yoga proves that one isn’t the loneliest number with yoga for the single girl followed by a girl’s night out. Ready to meet your match?

Boca Raton's yoga bash

Yoga News by Amy Gartenberg

Attention Florida yogis! Prepare to stretch it out with 200 of your closest friends. On October 20th, Yogapalooza returns to Boca Raton. The yoga extravaganza will raise money for the American Cancer Society's Making Strides against Breast Cancer campaign. Representatives from many south Florida yoga studios will be at the fundraising event and offering classes in different yoga styles. What a great opportunity to be a do-good downward dog-er.

LA's happy yoga couple

What’s Hot by Molly Nourmand

The other day we saw photos of gravity defying poses posted on LA yoga teacher Dice Iida-Klein's Facebook page of he and his wife (also a yoga instructor) – and just had to share them with y'all. Apparently a couple that practices together, stays together. They make it look easy, but it's super hard and takes mucho communication and trust.

Just for men

Local Events by Allison Richard

Last week we reported on the power of women in the yoga world with the new documentary, Yogawoman. This week it’s the men’s turn. Joschi Schwarz, owner of Joschi Yoga School and NYC’s yoga teacher for the guys, is celebrating the grand opening of Le Male Yoga, Yoga for Men on October 19 and 20 at his studio space in Chelsea with cocktails, a presentation of tantric art and his signature flow yoga for men.

This yoga routine reduces wrinkles

General by Amy Gartenberg

Botox beware, there’s a new wrinkle warrior in town. Facial yoga, a series of movements to strengthen facial muscles, has been shown to reduce wrinkles and make skin look younger.  The yoga doctor’s orders are to go through the facial yoga routine 2-3 times a week. It only takes about 10 minutes and your face will immediately look fresher. You can find a quick facial yoga routine here.

NY peace walk

Local Events by Allison Richard

Despite the cold and dreary weather, almost 500 people gathered in Central Park Sunday afternoon for the first ever US silent, meditative walk to support worldwide peace. Celebrity Buddhist teacher Jack Kornfield led the walk around the perimeter of the park. Missed the walk, but want to donate to the cause? Click here.

Let's have a drink

General by Katie Librie

If you’re a yogi and you think hydration is only something runners need to worry about, think again. Being properly hydrated, which requires more fluids than you probably think, is one of the most important ways to keep your body healthy and performing well. When you are in your hot power class and your warriors get wobbly it may be due to the fact that you are not properly hydrated. Dehydration can cause headaches, fatigue and dizziness. To stay hydrated and happy, follow these simple tips:

Yoga for marathon runners

Local Workshops by Katie Librie

Love to run? Training for the marathon? Keep it safe and prevent injuries by taking a yoga class that targets the areas of the body where running takes its toll, like the hip flexors, hamstrings and IT bands.

Curvy yoga

General by Molly Nourmand

In the wake of Wisconsin news anchor, Jennifer Livingston's retort against a fat-shaming email from a viewer, it feels apt to share that Hazel Blue Studios in Los Angeles just added a Curvy Yoga class to their schedule. What's that, you ask?

Stoke your fire

Local Events by Allison Richard

Looking for a way to share your practice, have a great time and support a good cause? Look no further. The first Sweaty Saturday comes to NYC October 13th. Visit studios like Pure Yoga and SLT, check out Gwenny Paltrow's trainer celeb, Tracy Anderson, enjoy "limited-edition giveaways", goodies and good tunes all to support the fight against childhood obesity. Sweat it out for a good cause - what better way to spend a Saturday?

Yoga teacher tune up

Teacher Training by Molly Nourmand

We're excited that Goda Yoga is offering modules of their teacher training (with Kate Duyn Cariati and Claudia Fucigna) as intensive workshops through November. This is designed for those of us who already teach and want some fresh material and inspiration to bring to our classes. These trainings can be used to deepen your understanding of different aspects of the art of teaching yoga from sequencing to chakras to prenatal yoga. Two-hour workshops are $40; the three-hour workshops are $50.

Sweat for a cause

Local Events by Katie Librie

Want your perspiration to have more purpose? Take a class on “Sweaty Saturday.” On October 13th, popular fitness and yoga studios around New York are opening their doors for special classes to raise money for HealthCorps, an organization committed to fighting childhood obesity nationwide. Participating studios include fitness hot spots like SLT, PureYoga, Physique 57 and Barry’s Bootcamp. Studios will surprise and delight guests with special classes, live DJ’s, giveaways and more.

Check out that view

Local Workshops by Katie Librie

When you look at things the way you always have, you get more of what you’ve already seen. For a new perspective, go upside down.

Inversions have tremendous positive effects on your mind and body, not to mention how completely kick ass you’ll feel rocking handstands like you’re Gabby Douglas. Some benefits to your body include a delivery of fresh blood to your heart and head, improved immune system, and back pain relief. Inversions may also improve sleep problems and ease anxiety.

Do Restorative Yoga: Less Stress, More Flex

Style by Katie Librie

If you think restorative yoga is just for your grandmother, think again.

Even the most advanced yogis will reap the benefits from a restorative class. In restorative yoga we are given the chance to, literally, catch our breath and let our bodies reset to a more balanced state. Through its extensive use of props like blocks, bolsters, straps, the wall and blankets the body is fully supported and at ease holding poses for an extended length of time. This allows the body to de-stress while increasing flexibility.

Take your practice to another level

Local Events by Katie Librie

Follow advanced Jivamukti teacher Rima Rabbath underground for a one of a kind New York City yoga experience. On Thursday, October 11th, Rima will lead a two-hour class, accompanied by live beats from DJ Sasha, in the Lower East Side's Angel Orensanz Foundation for Contemporary Art. The event will benefit The Low Line Project, an organization working to develop a Lower East Side trolley tunnel into the city’s first underground park.

We got the bead

What’s Hot by Katie Librie

Have you looked around recently in your yoga studio or even the subway and seen women wearing piles of beaded bracelets up their arms?

If your first thought is what are those about and your second thought is where can I get one, keep reading.

They are mala prayer bracelets and they are used in Buddhism and Hinduism to keep your mind clear during meditation.

LACMA yoga

Local Events by Molly Nourmand

We got a chance to check out Michael Heizer’s “Levitated Mass” (a 340-ton sculptural installation) this weekend at Los Angeles County Museum of Art. And guess what we spotted? A woman doing a handstand underneath it! Yep.

Big props THIS weekend at BLACK DOG YOGA

Local Events

Check it out LA!

Yoga blocks aren't just for beginners! In fact, they can help you achieve a deeper experience in every pose.

Join Jenny Brill and Joy Stone on October 6 from 1:45p-3:45p at Black Dog Yoga in Sherman Oaks for this fun and informative workshop where you will find more stability and lift in your asana. Nothing wrong with that!

Register at www.blackdogyoga.com/workshopsevents

It's all about the chemistry

General by Allison Richard

Do you have chemistry with your yoga mat? Remember our article about Juil footwear that contain copper whose electrons help mitigate free radicals in our bodies? Science is at it again in the form of the BeBalanced ion yoga mats. These mats are made with TPE and, while they look like any standard mat, contain negative ions, which help improve energy, vitality, flexibility and balance.

Happy birthday Gandhi

Yoga News

Mahatma Gandi celebrates his birthday today, born in 1869. In his lifetime and beyond, Gandhi became known as a symbol of peace and non-violence around the world.

Father of India's independence, today it's a national holiday called Gandhi Jayanti.

Ahimsa - non-violence to yourself and others is a major principle of yoga and one that is explored on and off the mat.

We celebrate this day and invite you to practice ahimsa to mark the day!

Yoga rave?

Local Events by Molly Nourmand

An oxymoron? Apparently not. Yoga Rave (a dance party sans designer drugs) will not be coming to a deserted building or seedy club near you – instead it will be held at Agape International Spiritual Center on Thursday, October 11 from 7-pm-12am. The funds raised will help bring yoga, meditation, and stress reduction to university campuses and young professionals in need.

(Y)into It

Style by Katie Librie

Yin Yoga is the quiet hero, the nice guy, the comfortable shoe your mother said to pack on vacation even though you didn’t want to. In other words, it’s exactly what you need when you didn’t even know you needed it. 

With the assistance of bolsters, blankets and blocks Yin Yoga allows your body to move deeply into poses to increase your flexibility. But what is even more satisfying about Yin Yoga is the release – slow even breathing, focused intentions and letting go over and over again.

Good-bye tight hip flexors and hello refreshed and relaxed you. 

Alphabet City Sanctuary

Local Events by Allison Richard

Meet New York's newest yoga studio: Alphabet City Sanctuary. ABC Sanctuary, a new movement and wellness center on 6th St. between Ave B and C, is holding their grand opening celebration weekend starting Oct. 5th. Stop in on Saturday for free Tai Chi, Yoga, Improv and Dance classes all day long or come to get down at the Saturday Nite Soundwave starting at 7pm with an asana class and free form dance party.

Hit this yoga happy hour

Local Events by Allison Richard

It’s no secret that NYC has a plethora of rooftops with stellar views. But why should the good views end when summer fades? This Friday, October 5th head over to LIC to the CityView Racquet Club for an amazing view of Manhattan during a rooftop sunset vinyasa class hosted by The Yoga Room. For $30, you get an hour-long class starting at 6pm and fall beverages, snacks and a chance to mingle afterwards.

Celebs getting their yoga on in LA

What’s Hot by Molly Nourmand

It's hard enough for us to stay focused in yoga class and to not compare ourselves to other yogis, but in LA – more often then not – we get that added distraction of celebs a few mats away from us. For instance, Spring Breakers actress Vanessa Hudgens and Victoria Secret Supermodel, Alessandra Ambrosio were both spotted heading to their respective yoga classes last week.

Yogawoman...Hear me roar!

Local Events by Allison Richard

The effects of yoga on US culture are undeniable. In the US, classes are often predominated by the fairer sex even though traditionally, it was only meant to be practiced by men. Yogawoman, a new film, explores how yoga affects woman and how woman have affected the course of yoga history.

Hot off the mat: Yoga for Obama vs. Romney

Hot off the mat

October is barely here and the yoga world is already buzzing with news this month. From using yoga to help you get ready for the Obama and Romney debate to eye-opening financial stats from a popular yoga retreat center, here’s the latest news that’s hot off the mat.

Is it hot in here or is it just us?