March 2012

Take it to Tadasana


A few minutes from the Ferris wheels and whack-a-mole machines on the Santa Monica Pier, you’ll find a world-class yoga and music extravaganza called Tadasana Festival, which kicks off on April 20. The brainchild of Tommy Rosen and Fabian Alsultany, Tadasana will feature 60 yoga classes, 32 music arts performance and 40 guest speakers (it will also welcome more than 70 vendors – including alignyo).

Start planning early – you’ll want to savor it all in Santa Monica:

India. April. Enlightenment.


After taking class with Siri Sat Kaur on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, you feel transported. One can only imagine what to expect when her patient and knowledgeable teaching is set against the backdrop of the River Ganga in India.

Bright lights, big yoga


New York City will be blazing with the extra wattage created by the gathering of the world’s top yogic talent at the 2012 Yoga Journal Conference. This event won’t just stimulate your yogic senses – it will send them into overdrive. Good thing you’ll have plenty of opportunities to unroll your mat and unwind.