September 2011

We've updated our Bodega! Check it out.


We're excited to say that we've updated our Bodega with some great products from all over the world. DVD's, props, clothes - everything to get you into your practice for the first time or allow you to go deeper.

alignyo@home is back again this week with Liza Laird so if you want to stay at home and practice on your own schedule - our Bodega has what you need!

Dance party at Laughing Lotus with Jasmine Tarkeshi


I think my favorite part was when she strutted across the room as a peacock pretended to smoke a cigar. Or maybe it was hearing about San Francisco dinner parties – people invited into HOMES, they EAT and TALK for hours. Or maybe it was the MUSIC. If you were there or have taken from her before you might guess that I’m talking about Jasmine Tarkeshi co-creator of the Laughing Lotus Yoga Center.