alignyo in the NYT, & is Lindsay Lohan meditating?

Lindsay Lohan does yoga in Miami - alignyo yoga news
What celeb was inspired to meditate in the beautiful Miami sun?
Hot off the mat

Let’s take a break from the holiday festivities and talk about what’s going on in the yoga world, shall we? First, the New York Times reached out to alignyo founder Liz Eustace for her expert opinion on a hot style of yoga. Oh, and which troubled celeb may be cleaning up her act with a little mat time? Get the scoop below. 

When the NYT needs an expert…

Who does the New York Times call when they need an expert opinion about a growing trend in the New York Yoga scene? alignyo! Liz Eustace was asked by the NYT to share her thoughts about Bikram yoga and the Modo Yoga studio growing in popularity in NYC. What does she think? Find out here.

Is Lindsay Lohan doing yoga?

Maybe she was just moved by the beautiful scenery or perhaps she’s working on her mind-body connection, but Lindsay Lohan was inspired to share a pic of her meditating poolside in Miami on Twitter. We don’t know if Lindsay is hitting the mat, but we do know that with all the snow on the ground outside of our office, we’re a little envious of this picture. 


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