9 foods to eat to grow long hair

alignyo shares 9 foods to eat to grow long, healthy hair
Add these foods into your diet to grow long, healthy hair

Taking forever to grow out a bad cut? Bored with your look? Just want longer hair? Check out these 9 best foods to eat to grow longer hair via our pals at Blisstree and get your Rapunzel on!

Whether you crop your hair short on the regular or you want to grow it out long, you definitely want your hair to grow as a sign of good health even if it means frequent trips to the salon. If you’re like me, you want your hair to grow super rapidly so that you can go all Lady Godiva in the streets with impunity or like a number of my friends who really specifically want to grow their locks long enough to cover their breasts “like mermaids do,” or even more specifically, tresses like Catherine Zeta Jones’ in Zorro(1998).

To promote healthy hair growth you want to protect the hairs you already have, grow strong hairs to replace the ones you naturally shed, and prevent excessive hair loss.

Here are 9 of Rapunzel’s favorite foods for long and healthy hair:

  1. Walnuts- Rich in Omega 3s, biotin and vitamin E. Biotin is in all of those “hair growth” vitamin compounds because it promotes hair growth and prevents hair lossAnd a very special bonus from walnuts: the copper will help your natural hair color do it’s beautiful thing.
  2. Blueberries- As far as berries go, blueberries are the #1 superfood because of their antioxidants. The tiny berry also contains vitamin C to prevent hair breakage, and they also boost collagen production which leads to pretty hair.
  3. Salmon-  This fish is a hair growth superstar because it contains vitamin D, protein and fatty acids. Guess what hair is made out of? You got it, protein. The vitamin D is great for overall health and it aids in your body’s absorption of calcium, which you need for long and healthy hair.
  4. Kidney Beans- Protein again, biotin again, iron and zinc. Zinc prevents hair loss and keeps your scalp from being dry and flaky. Kidney beans are filling and would pair well with other hair growth foods. 

See the rest of the foods here.



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