6 ways to celebrate National Yoga Month (besides doing yoga)

alignyo yoga news: 6 ways to celebrate national yoga month besides doing yoga
Get on - and off - your mat to celebrate National Yoga Month.
General by Ally Garner

By now, you know that September is National Yoga Month. Since yoga is much more than a physical practice, we wanted to share ways to celebrate yoga month besides just doing yoga (almost) everyday. We’ve rounded up six ways you can spread the spirit of Yoga Month even when you can’t get on your mat. 

Pay for a friend’s yoga class

We all have them, the friend that “isn’t into yoga,” has always wanted to try yoga or can’t afford a yoga class. Celebrate the holiday by paying for their class. The practice of yoga has unlimited benefits, kindly sharing a class with a friend is a wonderful way to spread the yoga love.

Set an intention for the day

Take a few minutes out of your day for deep breathing and getting in touch with yourself. Think about the day ahead and decide what you want to bring to it. You can also dedicate your day to someone who needs love and attention.

Listen to a yoga podcast

Reconnect with yoga during your day by lending your ears to the practice. There are a lot of yoga podcast you can listen to while you work or during your commute. 

Organize a donation based class for a charity or non-profit of your choice

Contact your favorite yoga studio and talk with them about organizing a donation yoga class with the proceeds going to an organization you strongly support. Many yoga studios already offer donation based community classes so the groundwork should be in place for you to suggest a special yoga class in light of National Yoga Month. The combination of yoga and philanthropy is a fitting match. 

Create your own Yoga Month challenge

Choose a pose you want to master, a breathing technique you want to try or an amount of classes you want to take per week and challenge yourself to focus on that goal for a little bit each day. Creating a personal challenge may help you stay motivated to hit the mat all month.

Get a free week of yoga

Okay, we know we said this list wouldn’t focus much on hitting the mat, but we just had to share this one. The Yoga Health Foundation has partnered with over 1,600 yoga studios across the nation to offer new students one free week of yoga if they sign up online. Bonus points if you also introduce a friend or family member to this great deal!

What other ways are you celebrating National Yoga Month? 

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