6 Superfoods That Can Supercharge Fat Burning

6 Superfoods That Can Supercharge Fat Burning

6 Superfoods That Can Supercharge Fat Burning

One of the most effective ways for us as humans to burn off that extra weight is to boost our metabolic rate or metabolism. An effective way to do this is through the foods we eat and also our fitness regime. The good news for many of us is that science has uncovered so many foods, spices and teas that improve our metabolism and burn off fat.

Let’s take a look below at our six top superiors that’ll help your supercharge fat burning.


We’re starting our list off with a great, healthy high-protein superfood. Eggs are going to be your best friend when you’re trying to shed those extra kilos this year. Aside from being insanely filling, eggs are also capable of telling our bodies to burn fat faster. This is down to the fact that the protein in eggs is harder to digest - making the body speed up its metabolic rate.

There are so many easy ways to add eggs to your diet, though the easiest is simply having them as scrambled for breakfast. They’re a great start to the day and they’ll keep you full through the morning.

Coconut Oil

Our second superfood comes in the form of an oil, making it easy to add to your diet through cooking. It’s a high-heat friendly oil too and that means you’ll be fine cooking just about anything with it.

The main reason coconut oil is making an appearance on our fat burning list is its ability to organically assist with weight loss. Studies have shown that those of us who consumer coconut oil get a high dose of MCTs, allowing us to burn fat without really doing anything.

Matcha Green Tea

Aside from green tea’s ability to fight heart disease and cancer, it also helps us lose weight more easily. The high EGCG content in matcha green tea makes it incredibly effective at speeding up our metabolic rate and telling our bodies to dissolve as many fat cells as it can. A great study into green tea revealed that the beverage increased fat burning by 17 per cent and also reduced other cardiovascular issues.

The easiest way to get your fill of matcha tea is to add the powder to your foods and drinks as it’s dissolvable. It doesn’t have much of a taste and all of its benefits make it a must for weight loss.


When weight loss is concerned, coffee is a godsend. It doesn’t only make us feel more alert and wake us up, but the compounds in coffee tell our fat cells to metabolise into our bloodstream. The perks don’t end there though. Coffee also slows the body’s absorption of carbs, which means the food we eat is used for energy, rather than stored as fat. A strong coffee each day is also able to tell our body to speed up its metabolism by up to 4 per cent.

Adding a coffee to our diet each day is nearly effortless. You’re likely already drinking one or two cups a day in the morning or for lunch, so continue with this trend. Maybe take the time to learn how to brew a fantastic cup of coffee too.

Apple Cider Vinegar

This superfood used to be a traditional remedy with very little science to back it up. No longer, though. Countless studies have revealed that apple cider vinegar helps the body with everything from weight loss to diabetes management. On top of this, the vinegar’s high level of acetic acid directly targets the body’s belly fat and encourages a reduction in blood sugar levels. A study also highlighted that by adding just 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to your diet each day, you could lose up to 1.7kg without doing any extra exercise.

The easiest way to routinely add vinegar to your diet is to dilute it in a glass of water each morning.



In addition to making your food a whole lot spicier, chilli peppers also help you stay trim. Their high antioxidant levels assist in reducing inflammation within the body and also create a sense of fullness, keeping you from unwanted snacking. One of the best side effects of chilli peppers are their ability to stop metabolism from slowing down when we go on diets, keeping the weight loss train going.

To add chilli pepper to your diet, all you’ll need to do is add some powdered pepper like cayenne to each suitable meal a few times a week.



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