5 yoga poses for depression

Yoga poses for depression - downward facing dog
Downward facing dog
Yoga poses for depression - plank pose
Plank pose
Yoga poses for depression - cobra pose
Cobra pose
Yoga poses for depression - Pigeon pose
Pigeon pose
Yoga poses for depression - goddess pose
Goddess pose
Yoga teacher Jessica Bellofatto of KamaDeva Yoga
Jessica Bellofatto of KamaDeva Yoga
General by Jessica Bellofatto

Yoga for depression -- We know yoga is a great practice for staying connected as well as supporting overall mental health.  Yoga teacher and mindfulyogahealth contributor, Jessica Bellofatto put together this sequence of 5 yoga poses to help alleivate depression. 

Downward facing dog

Good ole’ dog pose…truly a cure all. Having the head below the heart makes this pose an inversion, and inversions relax and soothe the nervous system, as well as shift our perspective.


From downdog, shift forward to Plank Pose. I included it here because it is an extremely empowering and grounding pose. Straight arms, straight legs, strong belly lifting towards the spine.


Lower from Plank to your belly and stretch forward into cobra. Backbends are anti-depressant poses. They open the heart and facilitate the breath.


Opening up the hips and pelvis allows us to breathe down into our legs and feet, grounding and stabilizing the emotions.

Goddess Pose

We are all goddesses. Close your eyes and feel yourself to be perfect, whole, and complete.  

Sit up, find a comfortable seat and say this mantra: Lokah Samastah Sukhinoh Bhavantu. This beautiful mantra translates to, “May all beings everywhere be happy and free, including MYSELF.”  Repeat it to yourself or out loud in Sanskrit or English and rest in that vibration.


About the Author

Jessica Bellofatto

Jessica Bellofatto, founder and director of KamaDeva Yoga in East Hampton, Ny, is best known for her easy laughter, radiant energy, and matchless knowledge of the body. A mother, yogini, doula, surfer, triathlete, and avid stand up paddleboarder (and now SUP racer), Jessica has inspired thousands of students in their journey to better understand themselves and their world. A former dancer, Jessica teaches from a deep understanding of movement as art, movement as play, movement as therapy, and especially, movement as a spiritual practice. She is also interested in the stillness within and between the movement; the spaciousness of silence.  Jessica teaches sold out yoga retreats around the world and is most happy outside, in nature, preferably wet.


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