5 ways to stay calm & happy during the holidays

5 Ways to Stay Calm and Happy During the Holidays with April Martucci
April Martucci
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The holidays should be happy, not hectic, so alignyo asked April Martucci, the creator of Fire Dragon Yoga to share easy ways to deal with holiday stress. “Your ability to manage your stress levels is going to make all the difference,” says April. “We can pace ourselves over the next few weeks until the new year so that not only are we more appreciative of our loved ones, but we actually feel good, too.” 

April Martucci's top five ways to stay calm and happy during the holiday season: 

Sit to center + create an intention for the day ahead

We want to think consistency vs. intensity when it comes to meditation. By waking up slowly—instead of rushing, getting the coffee, putting on the TV—we can sit to center and set an intention for the day ahead. By sitting on a cushion or a block every morning for 5 minutes you focus on your breathing and consciously decide how you want the day to look. 

Know your schedule

You have dinners and parties to go to, right?  Well, if you know when they are on the calendar, you can use the down time more wisely by resting, eating well, and limiting your alcohol intake. If you know you might want to indulge, plan your indulging!  Use the other days to cut back. Also, if you fear that you will overeat and drink, you can always have a healthy late lunch full of veggies that afternoon a few hours before so you are not as inclined to pig out.

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Do more yoga

Practicing yoga and meditation lowers your stress levels, balances out the hormones, helps to quiet the mind and reminds us to be present, so the holidays are a great time to amp up your practice. If you cannot get to class, schedule an appointment with yourself to practice some simple asanas at home, even if you only have a few minutes. Focus on your breath, steady your attention, and work to let thoughts come and go. Then take that practice with you to the parties and to the in-laws house.

Write a gratitude list every day

Studies have shown that the happiest people are the grateful ones. Rather than complaining about your to-do list, look around. Who is in your life that supports you, loves you, and fulfills you? Put things into perspective. If you feel there is nothing to be grateful for, look around again. You have a human body – this is the most auspicious birth! One useful technique for dealing with loved ones who can be challenging is to write a list of all their positive attributes. Next time you are butting heads, take out that list.

Deflate your to-do list

Most of us have long to-do lists around this time of year. Try doing a little each day so that way you are not completely frazzled and overwhelmed at year-end. If you can delegate some duties to kids or partners, do so. Procrastinating sets you up for a season of irritation and stress. While you are stressing about what needs to get done, you will miss the whole point of the holidays – to recognize that which is good in your life, to reflect on the year, and most importantly to spread love to loved ones.

About the Author

April Martucci

April Martucci is a New Yorker with a singular understanding of movement and the connection between mind and body.  Prior to becoming a full-time yogini, she danced with the Joffrey Ballet School, Eglevsky Ballet, and at the Martha Graham School.  April graduated from the Swedish Institute of Massage Therapy, whose programming is known for its emphasis on anatomy and physiology.  She incorporates her experience from the Institute in her unique form of yoga and bodywork.  Her signature style involves technical aspects of anatomy combined with a thoughtful philosophical approach, making the practice fully integrated: mind, body, and spirit.  April has taught a wide range of students from A-list celebrities to toddlers, artists, and high-profile professionals, including Harvey Keitel, Jessica Seinfeld, Mariel Hemingway, Lourdes Leon, Elizabeth Vargas, and Bethenny Frankel.


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