5 reasons to take a level 1 yoga class

5 reasons for taking a level 1 yoga class via Breathe Repeat for alignyo.
Challenge yourself by going back to basics in a Level 1 yoga class.
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Looking to challenge and shake up your yoga practice? Go back to basics! Our friends at Breathe Repeat share 5 reasons why you should take a level 1 yoga class.

Level 1 Yoga classes are like a well-kept secret! All the insiders know that a great fundamentals class can be the hardest and most interesting class around.  So, whether you are new to yoga, injured from your yoga practice, or a well-seasoned practitioner, I hope that classes with titles like: “beginners”, “fundamentals” or “Level 1,” will peak your interest from time to time.

Here are a handful of reasons why you might want to drop in to one of these amazing classes – STAT!

1. Level 1 Teachers Are The Bomb!

It’s not easy teaching fundamentals!! You’ve really gotta know your stuff if you’re going to lay down the foundation for people. Those who teach beginners are often the most seasoned, patient, knowledgeable, articulate, creative, caring and straight-forward teachers out there.

2. Fundamentals Classes Are NOT easy!

Beginner’s classes typically move a little slower, so you have more time in the poses and in the transitions. When you take the time to set your foundation up right, you work smarter and better – but it’s not easier!  Additionally, when you set a pose up well, you won’t have to exit it early because your neck is bothering you. You will actually be able to hold it longer, thus building endurance.

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