5 health benefits of pumpkin

alignyo yoga lifestyle news: 5 healthy benefits of pumpkin
Be sure to eat lots of pumpkin this fall!

We understand if you get a little eye roll-y about pumpkin this time of year. Restaurants, cafes and markets start incorporating pumpkin into everything and even the most diehard pumpkin lover can be a little overwhelmed. It’s fall. Pumpkins are in season. We get it. But we beg you, dear yogi, to open your heart to all that pumpkin goodness, because while a pumpkin spice latte from your corner coffeshop might not make the cut, pumpkin is an incredibly healthy fruit to incorporate into your diet. 

5 reasons why you should eat more pumpkin:

Pumpkins are full of fiber, which aids in digestion and elimination. Including ample fiber in your diet also helps you to feel full longer... and therefore may prevent you in indulging in the piles of Halloween candy that may be within your reach.  

Pumpkins are rich in a variety of minerals, including potassium, which helps prevent your muscles from cramping after an intense yoga class, as well as magnesium, zinc, and iron.   

Eat pumpkins, feel happy. Pumpkins contain tryptophan, which helps your body to produce serotonin, your natural mood-booster. We knew we loved autumn for a reason. 

Pumpkin seeds are good for you too. Whatever you do, don't throw out the seeds when carving pumpkins this Halloween; they are nutritional powerhouses. Like many types of nuts and seeds, pumpkin seeds help lower your bad cholesterol.  

Pumpkins are also anti-inflammatory which means they reduce your risk of disease and cancer.  

What is your favorite way to enjoy pumpkin? 


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