5 easy Ayurvedic tips for fall

Easy ayurvedic tips for a healthy fall.
Have a healthy fall with these easy Ayurveda tips.
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Ayurveda, yoga’s sister science, can seem complicated and mystical, even to diehard yogis who get on the mat everyday. But Ayurveda doesn’t have to be a complicated health plan. There are many ways to incorporate Ayurveda principles and rituals into your daily life for better health. Here are five easy ways to do so this fall from Ali Cramer for Breathe Repeat. 

According to Ayurveda, the juncture between the Seasons (in this case, Pitta season, or Varsha-Ritu, to Vata season, or Sharad-Ritu), is the time we need to be the most careful in order to feel balanced. So our Ritucharya, or seasonal practices, need to shift. Keep in mind that Vata is the dosha that rules change, and as such, it’s the dosha that is the most sensitive and goes out of balance the quickest. The constant fluctuations in fall weather are very confusing for the body and mind, so here are five easy ayurvedic tips for a happy autumn.

Eat Less Raw

Think soup, not salad. Warm, not cold.

Add oil

Start to add a little more oil to your food and your body. Sesame oil is best for Vata, coconut oil is best for Pitta and sunflower or almond oil is best for Kapha.

Pack a scarf

One of the Vata areas of weakness is the throat, as Vata is associated with the element of ether, which is housed in the fifth chakra. Keep it bundled up.

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