5 celebrity yogis to follow on Twitter

Best celebrity yoga teachers to follow on Twitter: Mandy Ingber
Mandy Ingber
Follow Tara Stiles on Twitter
Tara Stiles
Aarona Pichinson yoga twitter
Aarona Pichinson
Yoga teacher Ashley Turner gets deep on Twitter.
Ashley Turner
alignyo favorite Kristin McGee shares great health tips on Twitter
Kristin McGee

You know that excitement you feel when you find one of your favorite yoga studios or yoga teachers on Twitter only to find out their tweets are infrequent and impersonal? Well, not these yogis! If you're not following these celebrity yogis - or as we like to call them, "yogalebrities" - you're missing out. These five not only share what they're up to (making yoga DVDs, teaching at yoga festivals, traveling the world) but inspiration for living your best life. Oh, and if you aren't already, be sure to follow alignyo to stay up-to-date with the latest yoga news.

Who on our list is your favorite yogi to follow? 

Mandy Ingber (@MsMandyIngber)

We love Mandy Ingber’s tweets because in addition to yoga insight that will inspire you, not make you feel like you’re not healthy enough. Case in point, she recently tweeted: “You have one job today: Love yourself.” We also love that she shares interesting astrology tweets and responds to fans and questions about her Yogalosophy book and DVD. 

Tara Stiles (@TaraStiles) 

While Tara often tweets about what is going on at her studio, Strala, and shares Strala's blogs, she also shares the some of the most thought-provoking snippets on mind, body, and spirit in all of twitter land. One of our recent favorites: "It's called 'spending' time for a reason. Time is boatloads more valuable than money. Spend yours wisely." Well tweeted! Follow Tara if you want to adopt her view on practicing yoga and living with ease. 

Aarona Pichinson (@AaronaPichinson) 

Yoga teacher Aarona Pichinson is the founder of Yoga for Nourishment. Her twitter feed is full of everything from thoughts on the mundane ("I love peaches lately. Summer times...") to benefits of certain yoga poses ("Warrior II - Amazing strength for legs, spine, arms. Stretches inner thighs. Helps lengthen from ground to crown. Do it! 5 breaths each side"). We agree with Aarona's suggestion to "try yin yoga. It helps to open your joints & connective tissue. Healthy connective tissue = a more graceful body." She also makes amazing smoothies.

Ashley Turner (@AshleyTurner1) 

Ashley Turner does it all: she's a yoga and meditation teacher, ordained priestess, and frequent contributor publications like Self, Shape, and Women's Health. One of the best ways to keep up with Ashley's busy schedule is Twitter. Lately she shared which festivals she would be attending: "It's a busy weekend in the LA area with both Lightning in a Bottle and Moksha Fest... and I'll be there (at both)! Who else is joining me?" 

Kristin McGee (@thebendigirl) 

Kristin's twitter feed is a go-to for info on health, wellness, and of course, yoga. Kristin teaches yoga and Pilates to celebs like Tina Fey and loves to share links to healthy recipes and exercise tips from fitness professionals as well as her own blog. One of our latest fav tweets from Kristin: "Feeling stressed? Turn on some tunes -- listening to music lowers stress levels, reduces cortisol and decreases blood pressure & heart rate." 


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