5 benefits of yoga for kids

5 benefits of kids yoga
Get kids involved in yoga early!
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Kids yoga classes aren’t just a great way to make sure your child gets exercise. According to Lara Land, owner of Land Yoga in Harlem, children can reap the benefits of a yoga practice from a young age. Here, Lara shares five benefits of kids yoga.

Healthy activity

Children start to lose flexibility as early as 2 years of age.  Yoga for kids keeps them moving, limber, and unhindered by stiffness.

Stress relief

Kids can feel your worries and sense the pace around them. Yoga gives them some time to let loose and to find deep relaxation.

A healthy lifetime habit

We all know how hard habits are to break. Yoga is a healthy habit that your little one is likely to stick with for a lifetime.

Care and community

Yoga is a non-competitive activity that encourages sensitivity and awareness.  A child who grows up on yoga will learn to practice peacefulness and contentment.


Last, but certainly not least, kids have a blast in yoga class and run home to show their friends and families what they have learned.

Lara Land is an owner and instructor at Land Yoga. Check out our interview with her here

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Lara Land

Lara Land is an owner and instructor at Land Yoga in New York City. 


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