4 yoga poses for long, lean legs

alignyo yoga workouts: Yoga poses for long, lean legs
Chair Pose
alignyo yoga series: 4 yoga poses for long lean legs
Crescent Lunge
alignyo shares yoga poses to help you sculpt lean legs
Warrior II
Best yoga poses for long and lean legs via alignyo

Maybe you've already packed away your shorts for the winter, but who doesn't still want toned legs, even when rocking yoga leggings? We've been designing our flows with plenty of postures that sculpt long, lean legs. Give these yoga poses a try and feel the burn. Remember to breathe deeply and don’t be scared if you begin to shake while holding these poses, that’s just your body changing for the better! 

Let's get leggy. Do these yoga poses for long and lean legs: 

Chair pose 

No matter how many times we do chair pose, we still feel the burn in our legs. To sink deep into an imaginary chair, start in mountain pose. Bend your knees, lower your hips, and keep your arms outstretched over head. Shift your weight into your heels and pull your knees back so that you can gaze down and see all 10 of your toes. Lift your toes up off of your mat for a greater challenge, and drop your booty lower.  

Crescent lunge 

Lunges always do the trick when it comes to sculpting long and lean legs. To get into proper form, start in downward facing dog. Raise your right leg off of the mat and step it through to a low lunge position. Stack your right knee over your right ankle. Sweep your arms overhead. Come high onto your back toes and work your right quad parallel to the earth. Straighten and firm the muscles in your back leg. Tuck your tailbone slightly and engage your core. Relax your shoulders down your back. 

Warrior II 

From crescent lunge, open your arms to opposite ends of your mat and adjust your feet to find Warrior II. Press your back foot flat and find a 90-degree lunge in your front knee. Swivel your hips and shoulders so that they are square to the left side of your mat. Gaze out over your front pointer finger. Stay here for a few breaths and start to feel your legs fire.  

Horse pose 

From Warrior II, turn both of your feet to face the left side of your mat then turn your toes out from there. Bring your hands to meet at your heart and sink down low. You will feel this one right away (at least we always do!) Stay here for a few breaths, sinking lower with each exhale of your breath. Want more of a challenge? Slowly pulse up and down 10-15 times while holding this pose. 

What other poses do you love to do to build strong legs? We'd love to hear. Leave a comment in the box below. 


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