4 tips for doing hot yoga safely in the summer

Safety tips for practicing hot yoga
Hot Yoga
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Recently, we posted a blog asking if you thought it was ever too hot for hot yoga (even though new research reveals that doing hot yoga is perfectly safe) and discovered that some of you stay away from heated classes during July and August. However, others of you still love hot classes as much during the summer as they do year-round. For those of you who are still down for hot yoga when it's hot out, we've gathered some tips for surviving - and thriving - in the heat.  

Dress accordingly

Now is the time to rock your Teeki Mermaid shorts! Avoid wearing long leggings to class during the summer months. Be sure that all fabrics you are wearing can breathe. 

Embrace the sweat

While you may get embarrassed by how much you're dripping during class, sweat (even puddles of it) is a good thing. It is how your body cools down while you practice. So don't worry about the growing puddle next to your mat - just be sure to bring an extra towel or two to class this summer! 

Hydrate, then hydrate some more

Staying hydrated is essential to a successful summer hot yoga practice. Keep in mind that drinking water during class is not enough. Hydrating before class and after is also key to stay safe while practicing yoga during the summer months.

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Consider taking an earlier or later class

You may enjoy practicing during your lunch break, but in summer that might not be as ideal since it is the hottest period of the day. Try an early morning class or evening class during the summer months to see if it is more bearable. 

What are your tips for practicing hot yoga during the hottest months of the year? 

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