3 yoga moves after a long workday

yoga for the end of a long day at work from Kristin McGee
Janu Sirsasana - Head-to-knee pose
Kristin McGee - Yoga for a stressful day at work
Revolved Janu Sirsasana
Kristin McGee - 3 yoga moves for the end of a long workday
Paschimottanasana - Seated forward fold
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Newsweek magazine reports that 'sedentary behavior may shrink the brain and accelerate cognitive decline' and suggests that regular exercise can slow the process of age-related brian atrophy. Not great!  So get up and move people - it's good for your brain. 

If you're looking for a little guidance, I pulled together these three yoga poses from Kristin McGee to restore your body at the end of a long work day or a marathon session at your computer. They counteract the sedentary position that most of us take, for most of the day. 

Yoga is restorative and rejuvenating at the same time and since our “issues are often stored in our tissues,” it feels so good to release any negative energy you may have stored in your body after a long stressful day. 

To release stress and get your circulation flowing, try these 3 yoga moves:

Janu Sirsasana (Head-to-knee pose)

Roll out your yoga mat or a towel and sit comfortably on the floor with you legs extended out in front of you. Fold one knee in to your chest then let it open to the side, placing the sole of the foot on the inner thigh of the opposite leg. Inhale a deep breath then exhale as you fold forward over your extended leg. Stay for 5-8 breaths. You’ll feel your back releasing and the tension melting from your shoulders and neck. You’ll also get a deep stretch in the hamstring of the extended leg and the hip of the folded leg.

Revolved Janu Sirsasana

Next open your chest to the ceiling and extend your top arm up overhead towards the foot of the extended leg. Try to twist your torso open and keep lengthening through the sides of your waist. Stay 5-8 breaths. This pose is great for bringing in fresh air to the lungs, opening up the kidney region (our battery packs) and stretching out the shoulders, hips, waist, back and thighs.

Paschimottanasana (Seated forward fold)

Come up to sit, extend your folded leg forward so both legs are straight out in front of you, feet flexed. Inhale a deep breath, then exhale and extend forward over your legs in to a deep forward bend. Relax your mind, let the stress of the day go, feel your body release after sitting in a desk chair or standing on your feet all day. Hold 8-10 deep breaths. Lift up on an inhalation; then repeat the sequence on the opposite side ending with a symmetrical forward bend again.

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