3 winter skin care tips

3 tips for winter skin care
3 tips for winter skin care
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Do you get dry skin during the winter? Here are 3 winter skin care tips on how to deal with dry winter face skin. Keep it soft and supple this season! These are some of my favorites. 

3 winter skin care tips:

Stop using foaming face wash. Foaming face wash was a sometimes-treat even in sweatier/oilier times. I’ll miss how squeaky clean it made my face feel once or twice a week but it can completely ZAP moisture from your face. I now use an oil, sometimes a simple almond oil, vitamin-e or when I'm feeling 'flush' - Living Libation's Seabuck Oil - divine.

Switch from Cetaphil to CeraVe. Before, I was using some CeraVe products and some Cetaphil products, thinking they were pretty much interchangeable. Even though Cetaphil is awesome and the Doctor could not deny it, she advised me to switch to CeraVe for the winter because it contains liposomes. I later googled liposomes to find out exactly what they are, but during the appointment I used deductive reasoning and context clues to try and understand what the doctor was saying to me. I figured liposomes were some sort of fatty (lipo-lipid) something (somes-something) and I was right. The liposomes will keep skin feeling hydrated.

Use body lotion on the face. This secret freaked me out a little bit. Something heavy enough to hydrate my elbows probably shouldn’t be used on my face, right? Wrong, she said. CeraVe body lotion can be used on the face when it’s particularly dry out. It’s non-comodogenic and won’t clog pores but will provide enough moisture to keep  my face from turning into powdered sugar.

There you have it - oh, and eat avacadoes... if you can!

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