3 ways to release fear in your yoga practice

alignyo shares 3 ways to release fear from your yoga practice
Don't let fear hold back your yoga practice!
General by Ally Garner

How much does your mind hold you back in yoga? Chances are you have the strength and focus to get into that intense arm balance pose that has been freaking you out or to conquer a long hold in chair. With enough practice your body can do it, but sometimes it is your mind that restrains you. If you feel held back in your yoga practice, try these few simple tips to release fear and embrace transformation on the mat. 

Be confident in yourself

First and foremost, you have to know that you can work through whatever obstacle is blocking you on the mat. By understanding the power you bring to the practice, you can release some limitations of the mind. 

Practice in the comfort of your own home

Take the time to do yoga in your own home. Sometimes yoga classes can cramp your personal yoga style. Being surrounded by fellow yogis is great, but it can also be a situation full of judgement. By practicing in solitude at your own pace, distractions are low and worry of comparisons to others in class are erased. It’s amazing how your attitudes and fears around a pose can change when no one is watching. Take your time and watch instructional videos to stay safe if you’re trying new poses. The security of doing yoga at home will hopefully make you feel even more comfortable and help reduce your fear. This will not only allow you to have more fun in your yoga, but also boost your confidence to try it in class. 

Relax and forget about expectations

As with many things in life, taking a deep breath and releasing expectations can open up many opportunities. Bring this idea to your yoga practice. Relax into whatever fear is holding you back and take the power out of its control. 

If you fall out of a pose or can’t seem to make it work, guess what? That’s totally fine. Keep moving and breathing. You’ll get there eventually.

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