3 ways to get your significant other to try yoga

How to get your boyfriend to try yoga
General by Blair Atkins

Your significant other's idea of fun may not include sun salutations and pranayama, but that doesn't mean that he or she can't begin to enjoy tagging along with you to yoga class every once and awhile. Even if your loved one doesn't have an interest in becoming a full-throttle yogi, yoga benefits the mind, body and spirit. It is only natural to want to share your passion for yoga with your sweetheart so that he or she can feel as amazing as you do when you leave the studio after an inspiring class. 

Here are 3 ways you can make your experience in yoga class with your significant other a little more enjoyable for both of you. 

Choose a class that is suitable to your significant other's level 

The worst thing you can do is take your babe to an advanced class and expect him or her to latch on. He or she will be completely overwhelmed and feel embarrassed to be so inexperienced compared to you. If your significant other is new to yoga, go back to basics and take a beginner class with them. If your sweetheart has done a little yoga in the past but hasn't cared for it, try finding a class that is more his or her style. You may be all about restorative yoga, but opposites attract after all; your significant other may enjoy yoga with weights or power yoga class. Compromise and try his or her style of choice for a change. 

Recruit other couples

If your boyfriend thinks yoga is just for flexible chicks, make sure he won't be the only guy in class by inviting another couple to join you. Double yoga date anyone? There is strength in numbers, and just having you in class may not be enough reassurance for your man. To see a peer who is also new to yoga in a similar situation is comforting and will let your partner know he isn't alone. 

Know that your experience with yoga won't be the same for him. 

If you're reading this, chances are yoga has influenced your life in a big way. But all of our experiences with yoga are different and no two people approach their practice in the same manner. If yoga has helped you to de-stress, that's wonderful, but don't try to convince your loved one to fall in love with yoga by gushing about how you're now carefree thanks to power vinyasa. 

Just by attending class every week you have demonstrated to your partner that yoga means something to you. Instead of focusing on your own personal experience with yoga, share with your loved one how yoga may benefit him or her personally. Is your husband a big runner? Explain how yoga will help prevent injuries that frequently arise while training for a race. If your guy wants to lose a few pounds, share how a regular practice will help him become more mindful when it comes to food choices. Allow your partner to see that yoga is in fact for everyone - even him! 

Allowing your partner to gain a greater appreciation for yoga can strengthen your bond. Before long you guys may just find yourself ditching dinner and a movie for vinyasa and green juice!

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Blair Atkins is a freelance fitness writer based in San Diego, CA. A former Division I volleyball player, she is now exploring other ways to sweat off of the court. While she also enjoys SPX Pilates, running, and hiking, she has delved deep into her yoga practice in the past two years since completing her career as a college athlete and recently became an instructor through CorePower Yoga. Blair recently created the blog www.beachgrown.com where she writes daily about healthy living in Southern California. 


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