3 healthy benefits of probiotics & how to get them in your diet

alignyo shares 3 benefits of probiotics and five foods that contain probiotics.
Why you should take probiotics and the best food to get the healthy bacteria.
General by Sabrina Taylor

Your gut is your second brain. Linked to your hormones, nervous system and immune system, it is responsible for approximately two thirds of your immunity. 

The lining of your gut contains over 100 million neurons that work hard to break down foods, assimilate nutrients and remove waste. Unfortunately, there are several factors that can disrupt the intricate functioning of this system. This is where probiotics come in handy.

Probiotics are healthy strains of bacteria that travel through the stomach, straight to your small intestine where they get to work. In the small intestine, probiotics increase the amount of good microbes and create an inhospitable environment for harmful bacteria. 

Three of the greatest pros of probiotics include: 

  • Helping your body absorb nutrients. Proper absorption allows your body to build and nourish cells, as well as provide energy.
  • Aiding in efficient digestion. Poor digestion can cause your body to go into overdrive, leading to inflammation, allergies and illness. 
  • Boosting your immunity. Probiotics help suppress harmful bacteria within your body and ward off others. 

Not sure where to find these helpful microbes? Probiotics can be found in supplement form, but some supplements can get stuck in the stomach, which isn’t very beneficial. Try taking a high quality supplement and getting probiotics naturally in your diet. The best form of probiotics comes from fermented foods. Five of the best foods are: 

Take care of your gut and ultimately your health by adding these foods to your daily diet. It will take time and dedication, but will be one of the best things you can do for yourself.

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