3 healthy Ayurvedic spices to add to your diet now

alignyo yoga lifestyle news: 3 ayurveda spices to add to your diet.
Add these Ayurvedic spices to your diet for an easy health boost.
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What’s an easy way to incorporate healthy Ayurveda lifestyle habits into your daily life? Spice up your food! Here, Ayurveda practitioner Ali Cramer fills us in on three simple, easy-to-find spices that have big health benefits. 

One of the things that I love the most about Ayurveda is how EASY it can be. We don't have to go to India, live on rice and beans for a month and meditate for twelve hours a day. It can be as simple as using a neti pot once a week, a tongue scraper every morning, or adding some yummy medicinal spices to your food. In fact, you probably have these three healthy Ayurveda spices in your cabinet. Find out about the benefits of each spice as well as how to incorporate them into your diet, below. 

If you do have these in your kitchen, but its been awhile since you used them, buy fresh spices. They’ll taste better and have a higher nutrient value. 


Cumin, aka Jeera, is one of the most common spices in Ayurveda. It’s good for all doshas, great for digestion, has anti-fungal properties and is good for anemia. I like to buy the whole seeds and add a pinch of them at the beginning of a stir-fry.  


Coriander, the seeds of the cilantro plant, is also tridoshic, but especially benefits Pitta. It's cooling and digestive, good for diarrhea, skin rashes, and allergies. Again, I like the whole spices but if you are just venturing into this, powder is fine. Add a half teaspoon in hummus or fresh guacamole. YUM!  


Tumeric is magic stuff. There have been hundreds of studies on the healthy benefits of this tridoshic miracle root. Turmeric is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, reduces inflammation and research suggests that it slows down the advancement of Alzheimer's and cancer. Add a little to your lentil soup, sprinkle over quinoa with a dash of sesame oil, or add to a marinade for tofu with some cumin, coriander, and ginger powder. 

About the Author

Ali Cramer

Alison Cramer is the Co-Creative Director at Laughing Lotus Yoga Center NYC and one of the core teachers for their acclaimed Teacher Training Program, both at the 200- and 500-hour level. Ali has taught workshops and retreats on Yoga and Ayurveda both nationally and internationally and continues to be inspired by this Practice and Community both on and off the mat. Her passion for Yoga and Ayurveda led to the creation of a 100-hour Ayurveda and Healing certification program at Laughing Lotus NY, where she acted as both Director and Teacher. Ali recently returned from Africa, where she was honored to be chosen as the lead teacher of the very first Yoga Teacher Training in the Sudan. Find out about her upcoming yoga and Ayurveda trainings at Laughing Lotus here.


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