12 healthy & cheap Halloween costume ideas

Healthy Halloween costume ideas
Think you can pull off a Gwyneth Paltrow Halloween costume?

We think our yoga-inspired Halloween costume ideas are amazing, but if you’re still looking for the perfect dress up idea, check out these 12 healthy Halloween costume ideas from Blisstree. Our favorite: The Zombie Yoga Teacher!

Sure, you can always be a slutty firefighter or a slutty French maid or a slutty whatever-the-hell, but here are a few ideas for easy, cheap, health-and-fitness inspired Halloween costumes. Sluttiness optional, as always!

Ryan Lochte: Get a grill, a fake gold medal, and a Speedo. Done.

Gwyneth Paltrow: A stick-straight blonde wig, a snobby smirk, a fancy evening dress and carry around a box of organic, gluten-free crackers. Bonus points if you put “goop” on your head.

A pumpkin spice latte: You can wear a Starbucks logo t shirt with a fake pumpkin head. You could wear an orange wig. You could wear white and paint a Starbucks logo onto cardboard as if it’s the sleeve that goes on the actual latte cup. The possibilities of how to represent this omnipresent fall drink are endless, but it’s a guaranteed laugh no matter what.

CrossFit enthusiast: Get one of the heinous t-shirts we wrote about earlier this week and pair it with a few sweatbands and gym shorts. Talk a lot about how amazing it is to eat Paleo and all the awesome people at your “box.” 

See the full list here


just because you deem a post

just because you deem a post healthy doesn;t mean that it will appeal to yoga blog readers. maybe stay relevant next time

seriously what is healthy

seriously what is healthy about these costume ideas? The idea of putting celebrities on a pedestal?.. really tho. how does one dress in a healthy costume?

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