10 Universal Reasons to Take a Yoga Teacher Training

10 reasons people take yoga teacher trainings
Teacher Training

As YogaWorks launches its first dedicated yoga teacher training center in Santa Monica, alignyo checked in with Sarah Ezrin (yogi, writer and YogaWorks teacher training graduate) to get her take on why people become interested in taking a teacher training program.

"Believe it or not, about half the people who take trainings don’t actually want to teach! Some of you may be thinking, then why take a teacher training versus attending workshops or regular group classes? At YogaWorks we’re famous for saying (and proving) that yoga teacher trainings transform people’s lives whether or not they ultimately teach yoga".

Sarah breaks down the top ten universal reasons and benefits to taking a teacher training program. A few hints on the list? Do what you love and learn to communicate.

Sounds like a plan. Check out the other reasons here


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