10 benefits of yoga

alignyo yoga news: 10 benefits of doing yoga

In honor of National Yoga Month, we're sharing a few reasons for you to get on your mat. Actually, we're sharing more than a few. The truth is that the benefits of yoga are endless, but here are our top 10.   

1. Relieves stress, reduces anxiety, and lowers rate of depression. Whether you battle depression or just deal with stress from time to time, yoga is an effective way to cope with negative feelings

2. Strengthens your core. Practicing yoga is one of the best ways to strengthen your core, from which all movement stems. alignyo contributor Jessica Bellofatto shares more about yoga and your core in this post

3. Motivates you to eat healthier. You may have noticed we love to post healthy, plant-based recipes here on alignyo. That's because the more you practice yoga, the more you crave healthy foods that fuel your body rather than weigh it down. This study shows that a yoga practice is in fact correlated to mindful eating

4. Improves flexibility. No, you don't have to be flexible to start practicing yoga, but once you begin a regular yoga practice, you will start to get at least closer to touching your toes

5. Allows you to sleep better. Getting on your mat regularly will help you fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly at night. 

6. Spices up your sex life. According to this study, yoga improves several aspects of sex for women. 

7. Sculpts a better booty. Who doesn't want a great rear end? Yoga is known for building your glute muscles, therefore giving you an appealing backside. Try these 4 yoga poses for a better backside

8. Enhances athletic performance. Whether you're a football player, golfer or surfer practicing yoga can give you a competitive advantage in your sport. 

9. Gives you a healthier pregnancy. Practicing yoga during your pregnancy can help to build and maintain strength and endurance needed for labor.  

10. Promotes positive thinking. The positive intentions and affirmations associated with yoga start to change the way you think. A study at Boston University showed that avid yoga practice is linked to high levels of GABA in the brain. 

Tell us, how else has yoga benefitted you?


Why I practice yoga

Why I Practice Yoga!
Practicing yoga, meditation, and Buddhist philosophy, all of which I call ”mindfulness interventions” has saved me from the boundless chains of addictions, taking me from the stranglehold of numerous relapses into the wonderful community of yoga and compassion and loving kindness. I consider yoga to be meditation of the body. I initially started to practice yoga after discovering mindfulness through daily meditation and finding it very painful to sit, legs crossed, in the traditional meditation pose. After a few years of practicing yoga, I came to realize that it doesn’t make a difference how or what position I meditate in, just to be mindful and living in the moment.
I have been told that I lead a very crazy and busy life, having to raise the two youngest of five children on my own, while attending graduate school, and without a full-time job. What yoga has done for me is to be able to take the “crazy” out of that crazy & busy life! Yoga has enabled me to be able to get mad or to get excited, but to not hold onto those feelings and try to change things that cannot be changed or to even keep things as they are when they are going good. These mindfulness interventions have taught loving kindness, not just to other human beings, but to all sentient beings, and, most importantly, it has taught me loving kindness towards myself. Yoga and the other mindfulness interventions have taught me to pause & breathe when things get tough. I have learned to pause when agitated or doubtful. I need to also pause when too excited or trustful. The Buddha teaches that life is impermanent. With this in mind, I developed this acronym to guide me in my way:

P eaceful
A cceptance
U nder-standing
S tressful
E motions

by john O

It changed my life

I grew up in an abusive family, and walked around in a little dissociative cloud for years after leaving home. It wasn't until I started practicing intensely as part of my teacher training that I started to exist in my body and in the moment. That, combined with therapy, helped me find actual connections with other people and get things like flashbacks and anxiety under control. Just being able to post this story is something I couldn't have done without my regular practice. Good food, meditation, yoga practice, and social support--they should all be part of any healing regimen.

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