10 delicious fall recipes with no pumpkin

General by Liz Eustace

Tired of pumpkin everything? You’re not alone. But that doesn’t mean you still can’t whip up a dish that captures the essence of fall. Check out this round up of 10 delicious fall recipes that have no pumpkin at all.

Fall essential oils + forest fresh room spray recipe

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Bring the fresh, comforting aromas of fall into your home with these fall essential oils, picked by aromatherapist Charlynn Avery. She also shares an easy DIY recipe for a forest fresh room spray.

Diffusing oils for this time of year is not only a way to maintain the vibrant connection to the world outside, it is also a good practice to keep everyone breathing well inside. These fall essential oils can help brighten our homes and can invoke a sensory experience that is very much in line with the time of year.

Some essential oils for fall:

Fruits and vegetables in season in November

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For the freshest and most nutrient-dense fruits and veggies, eat what’s in season. Here, our pals at Blisstree share a list of fruits and vegetables in season in November. Check it out below.

Eating produce that is “in season” is not only up-to-date and fashionable, but it’s good for the Earth and your body. Obviously, what’s the best and freshest will vary depending on where you are on the planet, but here is a basic guide to mid-Autumn’s hot harvest.

Here are the finest fruits and vegetables “in season” this November:

6 healthier pumpkin recipes

Recipes by Liz Eustace

Pumpkin is one of our favorite healthy seasonal fall foods, so we don't mind that everything becomes pumpkin flavored in the fall. Unfortunately, most of the drinks, desserts and dishes offered as seasonal delights are also packed with unnecessary calories and not-so-good for you ingredients.

3 yoga poses to boost immunity

General by Jessica Bellofatto

An apple a day keeps the doctor away and according to Jessica Bellofatto, owner of KamaDeva Yoga, so does yoga. She says that there are specific yoga poses that boost immunity. “Restorative postures are highly recommended,” says Bellofatto.

3 tips to get into crow pose

General by Liz Eustace

Crow pose can be a challenging inversion for many yogis. Here are 3 tips to get you flying! 

Strengthen your core

Crow pose requires a strong core, so if you're struggling, be sure to also work on other poses that build your core muscles, such as boat pose. 

Get started with this Core Weight Loss Yoga sequence from Tara Stiles.

Annie Carpenter: Transitioning to fall with ease

General by Liz Eustace

We’re excited for fall. We truly are, but still, we do hate to see summer go. Every year we feel like we didn’t do enough to celebrate what we consider the best season. So these words from LA-based yoga teacher Annie Carpenter really hit home for us:  

Digital detox: 4 ways to unplug from technology

General by Ally Garner

In a world where we feel pressure to be constantly connected, detaching from the technologies that we depend on can seem impossible. Studies show that on average, technology users spend 23 hours a week on online communication such as texting, social media and email. That’s a lot of screen time you could be spending enjoying life as it happens!

4 yoga poses for curing a headache

Yoga Lifestyle by Liz Eustace

Don't let a killer headache keep you from hitting your mat. In fact, yoga can help ease pain from headaches and even migraines. Try these 4 postures next time your head starts to throb.   

Downward Facing Dog 

Downward facing dog is an ideal pose if you're experiencing a headache or migraine since it circulates blood to your head. From a tabletop position on all fours, tuck your toes and lift your hips skyward. Spread your fingers wide and press through your palms. Work to press your belly to your thighs. Let your head and neck hang heavy and relax. 

Fall Fennel Apple Spice Juice

Recipes by Sarah Miller

One of the most loved and trusted autumn staples is the apple. Apples boast tons of awesome health benefits for our bodies, and they are simply delicious. They are a natural staple for weight stabilization and are loaded with fiber, which both aids in digestion, as well as keeps you full longer. Apples are also a significant source of vitamin C, extremely important for keeping colds away. And let’s be honest, who can resist the natural sweetness of an apple or the temptation of farmers’ market apple cider?