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19 Jan 2019
by Liz Eustace
This Christmas I got a box of 'natural' products from #sephora from my sister. Being a lotion... Read more...
18 Jan 2019
by Liz Eustace
We love this article from the Guardian and also know that living in Canada, the guidelines for... Read more...
17 Jan 2019
by Jessica Bellofatto
We have had some milder weather these past few weeks, but still a lot of wet, gray days. With many... Read more...
Winter Skin remedies
5 Jan 2019
by Liz Eustace
Dry Skin: If winter weather is wreaking havoc on your skin, try making your own soothing facial oil... Read more...

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I have this burning desire to make sure that as many people do yoga and feel good in their bodies as possible. That’s my mission – I hope you'll join me.

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7 healthy summer salads

Nutritious and filling, yet light enough to not weigh you down—salads are pretty much the perfect summer meal. ...

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Sun(block) party

Now that the warm weather is officially here, many yoga classes have made their way to the great outdoors. While the...


Tara Stiles

Our friend Tara Stiles is back to hook you up...

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Alignment Basics with Jon Witt at Pure West

There are lots of regulars in Jon Witt’s Alignment Basics class, and after a few minutes of following his thoughtful cues, and gentle adjustments you’ll be wondering...