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Fight the flu
23 Jan 2018
by Liz Eustace
Fight the FluFeel like everyone is getting sick this winter? Here, we share some of our favorite,... Read more...
3 tips for winter skin care
14 Jan 2018
by Liz Eustace
Do you get dry skin during the winter? Here are 3 winter skin care tips on how to deal with dry... Read more...
Tara Stiles
13 Jan 2018
by Liz Eustace
Our friend Tara Stiles is back to hook you up with another at home yoga video – this one... Read more...
5 healthy benefits of apple cider vinegar
17 Nov 2017
by Liz Eustace
If you’re into natural health and beauty, you’ve probably heard of apple cider vinegar. Apple cider... Read more...

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Get Nourished

fall recipes: 6 healthy seasonal fall recipes

The only thing we love more than yoga is eating after yoga. These healthy fall recipes range from sweet to savory...

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Sun(block) party

Now that the warm weather is officially here, many yoga classes have made their way to the great outdoors. While the...


Tara Stiles

Our friend Tara Stiles is back to hook you up...

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Alignment Basics with Jon Witt at Pure West

There are lots of regulars in Jon Witt’s Alignment Basics class, and after a few minutes of following his thoughtful cues, and gentle adjustments you’ll be wondering...