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23 Jun 2016
by Liz Eustace
Easy ways to stay calm and reduce anxiety.Anxiety Alert — The Need-to-KnowTechnically, anxiety... Read more...
How to meditate: a quick start guide to meditation
23 Jun 2016
by Liz Eustace
Learn how to meditate: Being the publisher of an online magazine about yoga has its perks. We’re... Read more...
17 Jun 2016
by Liz Eustace
Recently, we posted a blog asking if you thought it was ever too hot for hot yoga (even though new... Read more...
13 Jun 2016
by Liz Eustace
Yoga to relieve stress in any situationBecause whether you’re stressed about finishing your taxes,... Read more...

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I have this burning desire to make sure that as many people do yoga and feel good in their bodies as possible. That’s my mission – I hope you'll join me.

Get Nourished

7 healthy summer salads

Nutritious and filling, yet light enough to not weigh you down—salads are pretty much the perfect summer meal. ...

The Goods

5 ways to reduce stress

It's time to take your yoga practice off the mat to help you deal with the hectic pace of life. From aromatherapy...


Spring detox

Spring detox

Spring invites renewal, and after a long winter of hibernating and accumulating toxins, it’s time...

Local Classes

Alignment Basics with Jon Witt at Pure West

There are lots of regulars in Jon Witt’s Alignment Basics class, and after a few minutes of following his thoughtful cues, and gentle adjustments you’ll be wondering...